Caitlin Corbett

This is a short story I wrote for my writing class, and, well, I like it except for the fact that it's not *complete* in my mind. I dunno. Anyway, it's just another telling of the old Atlantis legend, nothing more. I hope you like it! ^^


Michael Kaplan

Sometimes history is doomed to repeat itself.

The Story of the Queen

Amber 'Vaya' Hill

This is actually based on a dream that I had, I didn't get to live through the entire story though, my parents woke me up. So I'm going to write it and live it that way.

'Fluffy' or “How did a Space Cat end up in the Lost City of Atlantis anyway?”

Lara Mattison

Once upon a time, my school had a creative writing club where writing actually got done. A game we liked to play was one where we drew a character, a job, a place, and a situation. I drew 'Space Cat', 'Door to door salesmen', 'The lost city of Atlanatis' and 'Having a full stomach from lunch'. It ended up as this very silly story.

A dream of waves

Alix Fowler

I really did have this dream. Probably the only dream I had that made sense, I think I captured it fairly well, but it seems a little rushed in parts to me, and maybe a few awkward/ anticlimatic areas.

-Call of the Sea-

Emily Kirsch

I re-did this one using some of the suggestions from the comments... thanks, Meg and James! Anouk drew a picture to go with this poem! It's amazing!



In a world of illusions and superficial beauty, how can you find reality? (Might write into a longer story, I dunno)


Sara Dungavell

So this one has nothing to do with Forest Land or Loe, but I wrote it so you get to read it


Brian Buckley

This is just what the title suggests, a poem about the legendary island of Atlantis. I think it's pretty deep. (Get it? Deep? Atlantis? Ha! Yeah, so anyway...)

Weight of the Wardkeeper

Emma Kathryn

Daft tale I wrote for an anthology I didn't get into.  But ah well, means you fine people can enjoy it!  Was a tricky one to write, don't know why but it took me a while to do.

Atlantis Rising (Ch 1 and Ch 2)

Travis George

A small band of survivors from a space battle in orbit over Earth crash into the swamps of southeast Texas, their only hope is to find relics of Atlantian technology that will get them home.

Atlantis : Chapter 3 Draft

S.E. Ripley

Chapter 3 is not yet complete though I figured I'd put up what is completed.

Atlantis : Chapter 2

S.E. Ripley

The second chapter for Atlantis, the newest version. Again, please comment and give any comments or suggestions!

Rough Draft Atlantis

S.E. Ripley

The original First Chapter for Atlantis. 2005

The Continent: The Land That Was - Ch. I

Amy Wilbur

'What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.' --T. S. Eliot, 'Four Quartets'

The Dying of Jessica

Amandah Giarratano

'The Dying of Jessica' is about a mysterious young woman, who is actually a siren, luring entire villages to death to keep her immortality alive. With the help of a young bard, who lures people with his music, they do just that...until the gods send a tidal wave over the entire country, burying it beneath the sea. A sort of twist to the Atlantis story. Its almost done. Go me! I actually have something almost finished something!

Letters from Atlantis

Marius Ernst

The ultimate truth about Atlantis! This is the winning entry for the 'Postcards from Atlantis' competition of woodworks. Actually I wanted to call the story 'Mail from Atlantis', but I realized that after I submitted, and this title is good enough, too. Update: I removed a lot of typos, I hope it's more pleasant read now.

Satellites and Old Moons

Simi *Muffin Queen*

One week, it rained a lot down here. I was very very sad. The end! Well, then I wrote a poem.

The Continent: Prologue

Amy Wilbur

'Few are those who can see with their own eyes and hear with their own hearts.' --Albert Einstein

Atlantis Mourns

Gregory Rabbitt

This poem arose from an image. I don't know where the image came from, but it stuck in my head and I had to incorporate it into a poem. The image was of a great ivory bell-tower rising out of storm-swept sea, the clouds roiling around the tower and the bells tolling. Thus, this poem was born. Written September 2003.