The Tree Sword: Chapter One

E. Sanders

This is the first real chapter of The Tree Sword. It introduces one of the main characters, and sets up the story for the adventures to come next.

The Insurrection

Eliza Hemington

I don't want to explain, but if you really must know, ask. I know it's odd, and to justify my insanity, it was for English class, so my teacher is the crazy one, and I wrote it with a friend. (A 2003 piece)

Badruk: An Orc's Tale - Prologue

Thomas Berndhäuser

This is the prologue to my stories of the orc outcast Badruk Bloodfist. It began it´s existence as part of the character concept and is now a small, but necessary chapter of it´s own, were the origin of Badruk and his crusade against mankind is explained.

A way of souls, Chapter 3

Andrew B. Moses

A new character here, Elwin Marocas. She gets attacked by the same person that murdered Reymund's mother and sister.

Chapter 3- Striker and his Gang

Brienna Critchfield

Now, back to the section about Larae. Now she encounters this guy named Striker. He looks like a bishonen (pretty boy) but he isn't all what he seems

Chapter 1: Beginning the End


Ok, here is the beginning of my story, my book, which has no name (help welcomed) any ideas? Anyway, its about bag guys who are trying to take over the world, and good guys who stop them...or do they? You'll see, critisism and comments welcomed, helpful hints and corrections are please, feel free to comment and help me...I'm only a beginnger.

5-Attack in the Night

Jen Curtis

Chapter 5 of Horn Blade, Attack in the Night- Kallen meets the hooded figure, but dark forces attack Nela-Niy and force the travelers to flee.


Christopher Keefer

A quick little ditty of a story I whipped up for a friend who needed to impress a girl. Hopefully, it had the desired effect. Now, I should try that myself...

Chapter 09, The Hunter or the Hunted

Melissa O´Dowd

Things are moving now, things I don't even understand... Should make it interesting for all

The Werewolf of Derkerston (Chap 1)

Jessie Hoesing

This is a li'l story chapter that's Unfinished but this is how far I got when I started it. Started writing it about... when I was 13-14ish. Tell me what ya think about it and maybe I'll try finishing up the chapter and writing more for the story... It's a werewolf attack thingie... okay just go read it now.

Legacy of Camnor pt. 2

Tim Veselka

Samis arrives at school but all is not safe there. We also meet Danveer, a new character and Danveer's new roommate.

What's Your Lucky Number? Six? You Lose! (4)

Cly Novak

This is chapter 4. Cyobin meets the love of her life.


Daniel Madche

Just an idea that popped into my head one night. An outcast battles for his long sought after acceptance to a powerful group. 7-10-05

The Siege

Rachel Armstrong

This is really the only attempt I've ever made at fantasy-style poetry. (I've written a LOT of poems, but most of them wouldn't exactly belong in the Wyvern's Library . . .) I know it isn't all that great--probably because rhyming is NOT my strong suit (all hail free verse!)--but I've always loved this for some bizarre reason. One of those 'pet poems' or something. ^_- The rhyme scheme is inspired by The Highwayman.

The Plain Princess- Chapter One: Poaching in the Forest

Elizabeth Walker aka 'Moth'

The first chapter of my story The Plain Princess. We are introduced to our heroes as they meet in the forest during a rather sticky situation.

Beauty and the Bounty Hunter- Chapter Three

Elizabeth Walker aka 'Moth'

After the destruction of her village Em manages to escape but has she plunged herself into worse danger than before?

Fleeing From Dragons

Robyn Petrik

I wrote this poem about modern poet Karen Connelly. She had a tough life growing up, represented here by the dragons. She's got great stuff, check her out sometime ^_^

The Lady of the Lake

Jad Seifeddin

A tale of a lady and her undead brother

Guardian Parts I and II

Taylor Brown

This is the first two parts of a series about a race who watch over us all.

Dragon's Pet - Part 2

Zania Marais

This is second part of Dragon's Pet not much to say. I know I'm jumping ahead quite a bit, but I'm trying to keep it from going saga on me. As usual there'll be grammar problems. Meh. I hope I at least avoided any spelling mistakes (those are inexcusable). Nitpick to your heart's content.