What do you want?

Allison Starkweather

Woohoo! Another post! Betcha all are happy, huh? :) This is another exercise I did with Kayla, like the one before, although this one isn't comic like that one was. The exercise was to ask your character what they wanted more than anything else, and what they'd do to get it. This is what Kayla wanted.

Writers Block

Risiart Lloyd

A poem about a poor bard (who shares many real life problems to myself) who can't get his songs to work!

What Dreams are Made of

Brittany Sparks

Ok, I don't really know how good this is. I have a couple chapters written already, but I am just going to put this one up and see if anyone responds. Tell me what you think!


Robin Olson

Some thoughts on what it is like to have this wonderful affliction.

Dark and Stormy Night

Rebecca Morgan

Everything happening in the story is really happening... (3 pages, finished)

The Muse Interlude

Elisabeth Garrison

This was supposed to be a chapter of Amber Hilted Dagger. However, in process, my mother committed the cardinal sin of looking over my shoulder and reading it and.... it sorta got convoluted. And yes, my muse is blond. So was Kethry from Oathbound. Live with it.

The Lady of Shalott (Poem)

Janelle Highland

It's my version of a poem/legend. The legend takes place in the whole Lancelot/King Arthur time thing. See... The lady of Shalott had a curse.. she couldnt look out the window... she saw Lancelot through her mirror though, and forgot. The mirror cracked, and she went to the river. Painting 'The Lady of Shalott' on the boat, she got inside, and it floated to Camelot, while she sang her last song, causing her blood to freeze. The actual words that Lancelot says (so says the poem) is 'This lady is fair in face, God give her grace, the Lady of Shalott' or something very simular..

Lione- Chapter One

S. Gyory

Right... I wrote this on winter break. It took me rather long to get around to typing it.. I have the whole plot laid out in my head.. Scary... ^.^

The Mists of Avalon

Emily Kirsch

I realized after I titled this that there is also a very famous book by the same name...whoops! It is the beginning of something that may someday be longer.