Gwenievere, Part Two

Chelsea Castonguay

Part Two of Gwenievere's story

New Avalon

Brian Armitage

This is the ONE. My baby. The novel I've been 'working on' for the past four years. I figure, if anything, this would be my first big hit. The scene is post-apocalyptic, and psionics, vampirism, dragons, and demons have entered the realm of reality in a big way. For some time, I wrote random scenes from the book as they appeared in my mind. The plot, thankfully, has just fully come together in my head for the first time, and will slowly be making its way to paper... in the right order, as you see it below.


Elizabeth Wilcox

this is a poem about the ancient, mythical isle of Avalon. The tales of Avalon have always fascinated me, and I guess this is the result. . .

Chapter 1.1 The Glass Isle

Steve Bowen

The first part of the opening chapter of 'Hawk of Summer.' Twelve boys stand on a beach waiting for their new lives to begin.

Taeryn's Palaver

Michael Fertoli

After a long and arduous stretch of time on Avalon, Taeryn, the Isle's Scopius, while cleansing some Holy Blades, clears the air with the Goddess. Please note - His speech is heavily accented, and may be tough to understand at first glance. I apologize for that.


Jacqueline AKA Eilonnwy

This story is Damaen-centric though includes bits of Charon and Tetsu in it. It takes place six months before this comic starts and Damaen is a human in it. (He was turned into a vampire only like a week a before this comic pick ups). It's just an angsty little ficlet that I got the urge to write at 12am. x_x Enjoy! The characters from this story are from mine and my friend Rae's Webmanga, Avalon.

The Fading Autumn

Brian Buckley

I tried something a little different on the rhyme scheme for this poem - comments on it are welcome. As for the actual content, I think this is one of my better poems to date.

The Legend of King Arthur part 1

Rebecca Lynn Stacey

Well I'm writing a poem about King Arthur's life in the same style used for 'Lady of Shallot' This is the first part talking about Uther and Igraine (the wife of the Duke of Cornwall) and the 'romance' between the to of them. Its alittle choppy still but this is the first cut. I'll have to go back and rework if after I've left it alone for a bit.

Ode to King Arthur

Kate Inquisition

This isn’t anything much, an ode to King Arthur done in English class. (12-18-02) I must give much of the credit to Ashley Burdo and her tri-forces for the first paragraph, I did the rest alone. It’s not poetic or anything, but I found it inspiring nonetheless. It’s pretty standard, yet I used a lot of Stephen R. Lawhead’s terminology.


Chelsea Castonguay

The first part of Gwenievere's story, which is going to go along with Rosie Sanderson's Arthyr story...if she ever writes it!


Chelsea Castonguay

A sort of sequel to 'Lancelot'. It's pretty horrid.

First Hunt

Rosiane Comeau

This story is about the Kydor. The Kydor are native to Avalon and are half men, half wolves. They are NOT were-wolves and are my creations. (they were born in a very long history class)


Dani Hall

Long ago, the world of the druids was one with the world of the Christians. Then, the druids slipped into the mist...

Halls of Avalon

Angela Apilado

A short poem that I wrote a couple of years ago.


Alexis Millan

I don't write poetry. I heard this in a dream, then wrote it down when I woke up.


Rebecca Lynn Stacey

This is a poem about Christianity destroying some of the old ways and leading, in turn, to the fall of Avalon.

The Birth of Akaari

Rob Simms

This is the story of how the Sorcerer City of Akaari came to be. Akaari is figured prominately in my Ten Thousand Year War story.


michael john

sensual wanderings through nature , a glimpse into the wonder of faerieworlds and elementals , the living light and the never ending approach to avalon


Simone Michaux

This is the beginning of a sci-fi story that I've got planned out in my head - it's slowely coming into focus, but you'll have to wait a while before I get anymore up :


Tina Stearns

Once I fell asleep in the forest during the early afternoon. Upon waking I found myself in Avalon. I was then joined by a Priestess, when I questioned her about what I was doing there this is what she told me and what I saw...