Bad Day

Logan Pickup

Sometimes even a bad day can turn out alright.

Avatar: Prologue

Nicholas Yancey

The prologue to my upcoming (slowly, but surely)novel. More written to give insight into the minds of the characters as opposed to setting. A glimpse into their past and a very beginning to the present. Poignant and elusive.

Avatar: AMAG Part 5

Shana R. Markham

The complete part 5. Slightly long bugger. I toned down Aramon a good bit in the rewrite, making him a little more perky.

Academy of Avatars: I Dare you (Y1C1)

Eric Kessler

This is the first story in the series about a school where teens learn magic by joining with animal spirits, or familiars.

Avatar Sidestory: Puppetry

Shana R. Markham

I suppose this is a sort of prequel. It's an even that occurs before the story, and I thought it was worth it to go more in depth with Carrie's character. What surprises me is how Anubis came out in this.

Avatar: AMAG Part 3

Shana R. Markham

And here's part 3, which I think I wound up titling 'The Prince of Demons.' For a little mythology bit that I'll probably be contradicted on one day, Drauga, this Persian archdemon also called Drug or Druj, winds up meaning lie. Loki, our whacked Norse god, is oftentimes related to Satan, a.k.a. the Prince of Lies. The best foils are the ones with similarities. Anyway, I'm rambling.

The Hero of Andalar

Sean Michaels

This story, though at first glance a seemingly stock hack 'n slash story of avatars and necromancers, is really a parable relating to the nature of heroes and heroism. In some ways, it is not so much a story about 'Thar, son of Thann, Lord of the Seventh Sword, Vanquisher of Haradan, Demon-Slayer, Dragon-Killer, Gem-Holder and Hero of Andalar', but of his abused manservant, Gander. This piece *does* have literary merit, beyond the adventure itself, and drives its point home with a firm yet gentle touch.

30 Steps to the Glory of Quetzcoatl (NEW STORY)

Tansy H. Pye

This was the second of the story projects set by James Bowers. This time the theme was Gods and Goddesses. This is a real departure for me please leave comments!

43 - Intrigue In Inrar - Part 3

Rachel Pears

Part three, of a four part story. Zith (Assassin) and Mador (Master-Thief) locate and steal the senators' diamonds. N'Taien (Psycho Duellist Wulfen) watches the disturbance at the Temple of Ares unfold. Note from the writer - please go easy on my grammar I know it's not perfect. All comments welcome - I will endeavour to reply.

Avatar: amag part 6

Shana R. Markham

Yay! It's part six. There was an entire Drake encounter in the earlier form of this chapter, but it involved a groin kick and some power that was really out of place. On the other hand, it did have a nice desk thing going for it. Don't ask how I got the smell. It just seemed right.

A Perfect Fit 02

Jeremy Whiteoak

Second Chapter - Things are beginning to take shape.

My name is Death: Part One

Christopher Keefer

This began as a very different story (one I might still write at some point), and slowly changed during the writing process... into this. I'm still vaugely dissatisfied with it, but you may enjoy it nonetheless.

Goddess' Chosen

Holly Becker

Marceline always thinks the best of her twin, Zephyrine. But they are part of more than they realize. The goddess Psyche wants to use them to kill the other goddesses. Written for a writing contest at my library, it's a bit shorter than usual since there was a word limit. Tell me what you think of the ending.


Andrew Lister

This was my contribution to an internet RPG, I know it's not too good but most of it was written quickly on uni computers while I was supposed to be doing other work.

Avatar: AMAG Part 4

Shana R. Markham

Chapter 4 of the long semi-mythological story. Originally, chapters 3 and 4 were combined, but I felt like giving the second half its own space. Tragic heroes drive me nuts. They're baddies who can't admit it. Unfortunately, Drake happens to be one of them, and as such, gets on my nerves when he's not being bounced around by Drauga.

Avatar: AMAG Part 2

Shana R. Markham

The second chapter of the same. Okay, so I didn't want to spend a lot of time talking about mechanics. Honest, there is a document with said mechanics on my computer, so I'm not fluffing near as much as I like to. And the tidbit for this part is that Anubis is overrated. He is not the god of death, but rather the guardian of the dead. Osiris, the god responsible for so much, is the god of the dead. Anubis winds up being the symbol of guidance for people, as I think he is the one that weighs the hearts of men. That should make Jamelle happy, big Osiris fan she is.

Avatar: AMAG Part 1

Shana R. Markham

The first chapter of the first book of a very long-running idea, very much like some delightful parasite that's burrowed into my skin to lay eggs that will eventually kill me. Oh yes, how delightful. ^_- Anyway, here's a tidbit for some understanding: the term avatar is Indian in nature, meaning a physical manifestation of a god or some heroic quality. The heroic quality bit is how Richard G. ('Lord British') gets to call the Avatar what he is. Vishnu had a propensity for avatars, who usually represented some aspect of the god rather than the whole.

Legacy of Aelfbourns

Jesper Angermund

Pre-Poem for my major story wich has yet to be done. Tell me if it is good or not.


Matthew Dellit

The introduction to a story/screenplay that i have had buzzing about inside my head for a while now.

Dwarven Breeze

Erik Wenberg

A dwarven cargo ship is attacked by an evil sorceress as they transport and ancient treasure.