Delray Faskey

A poem of a love that slipped away.


Emily Kirsch

A poem I wrote for James Bowers' Death Knocks project. Took a bit of tweaking to get it how I want it... but I'm more or less proud with the finished product.

The Flower 2 (The Flower)

Brandon Lee

Can we fight away the mist which clouds our minds?

Wors & Co

Andrew Moore

A couple of personalities in my head. (I wonder how they keep getting in there) Oh yes. Wors in pronounced Vors.

Poem: Life Unwanted

Jenny Watson

Eek. i think i deleted the old version by mistake. Anyways if you think being royalty is the easiest and happiest life to live your wrong.... extremely wrong.

Seasons Clash Chapter 1

Melany Peterson

This is the first chapter of My Seasons Clash story...It's about Lynn, a summer faery who lives with the autumn faerys (as a sort of outcast of society), who is one day bodily dragged from her bed and dragged away from the town she's always known...of course, she intends to escape...but so far things haven't been working out to her advantage

Don't Go...

Kate Frizzell

Lani is four, Ror is six. Ror arrived at the Hallowed hills when he was five. He's going to the Summer Sea for the Summer, and Lani doesn't want him to go. She can't go with him until next summer. Also, It shouldn't be Cy'ra she lays down next too, it should be Moon (her sister). Lani thinks Cy'ra is going to the Summer Sea as well.

Love's Sonet

Iris Ayers

Oh, how love may be swept away from you even in the happest moments without warning.

Dragon's Song

Jacqueline(Jackal) Pirtle

about the dragons, again one of my older poems.


Jenna Brager

This isn't my favorite poem, but it won $50. it's my femenist take on the generic faerie tale.

Mabel Mabel Mabel

Rhonda Jezek

I love this story. What a strange thing. Uhm.. yeah. Help me out on this, it takes place in the future, but should it have futuristic references like dates in it? Or should it just be abstract?

To Save a Unicorn

Josie Roetman

One day in class I was just feeling a bit, I dunno, spirited and wrote this poem. I dont know if you could really call it a poem, but I still think its good. It has to deal with a man or soldier or something chasing a unicorn off, to run and get away from those who wont be as kind as he.

Prandoran Chronicles: Chapter 3

Keith Brooks Jr.

Chapter 3 of my novel. I'm finally getting to the meat of my story. All of the chapters (and the prologue) are first drafts of course, but I hope that you will enjoy them anyway; I know I am enjoying the writing process; possibly a little too much. I seem to be losing myself in my writing and am even dreaming about my characters. Is this odd? Anyway, enjoy ...


Eric Ford

As a loved one leaves me to continue on her path, I remember her with these words that do not do her justice.

old poem

J. Thomason

This is a poem I did when I was nine? ten? Long, long ago. Or at least that's what I'm going to stick with, since it stinks so much :P Honestly, this is from when I was like ten. I promise! The only reason I am putting it on here is because I need at least two stories... or ... poems? anyway it's also fantasy related, which a lot of my poems are not! Actually, I find it funny, and amusing, and stuff. If you want to comment you may either: criticize me, or: start laughing. Either one is acceptable. However, no praising me because then I will start laughing and remember that you don't have a good sense of judgement.

The Cost of Freedom

Carrie no.

This is a story i wrote for english class and decided to put it on for the sake of putting it on. tell me what you think and ill improve in it. its really really depressing and sad and it made me have a sad day today... but its ok

Runes in the Ruins

Sarah Blizzard

The first chapter that tells about the past.

Hunted ch 1&2

E. House

Valimere never asked for her parents to die. never asked to be stuck with her magic hating aunt. never asked to be forced into a marage. So Val took matters into her own hands and in the process she is swept away into a whirl wind of love, danger, and adventure. (a note on the story, silver is worth more than gold)

The Lone Wild Heart: Chapter 16 - The Tearful Journey

Christina Stoppa

Arcturus has just been dealt a terrible blow. Now he must face his grief over his loss.

Locked Up & Hidden Away

Stacy Goll

A poem of searching for the truth.