3. The Legend

Twyla McKee

The legend of how a rift began between two nations, and how it caused one of the nations to be completely forgotten.... ~A Story from the Land of Fairrin~ Someone asked to hear the Auranian version of this story. Well, I have updated The Legend. It now has all 3 versions of how the rift between the 3 kingdoms began.


Laura Weber

This is little more than a character sketch, really. I started playing a half-elf named Xaguna Lindenlyre in a forum called Mrinthals, and this was my 'entrance post' of sort. It somewhat introduces the character, but was also just me having fun, which is really what writing is all about, right? No continues on this one, just a stand-alone mini-adventure.


Ryan Morini

This was a side piece written because, then as now, I was too involved with the building of some worlds to actually write much set within them. So I dreamed up a world with minotaurs and a blue sun. Other things were added, other stories were projected, this is the only one so far which ever found an ending, not to mention the only one to exceed two pages. Some people have liked it, some have said nothing, and a couple argued that the terminology and vocabulary doesn't really lend itself to a 'barbarian' tribe. . . I suspect those people haven't read many ethnographic studies of hunter-gatherers, horticulturalists, and what one might call other 'neolithic' societies. Sure, 'aqueous inferno' is a distinctly modern turn of phrase, but complex thought and language are pretty much the demesne of the human race on the whole, and not just the ones who have dictionaries and other such objects to expand their vocabularies to an unnatural extent. So in my defense, 'aqueous inferno' might just be the best translation of a primitive Minotaur-of-the-Mountain idiom for hard rain. Bah! Just read the story. . .

Korlon -- Chapter 1

Bruce Jr.

Intro tale to stories of the main hero of Chelkauthatar. Chelkauthatar is the setting for the Gemstone Council as well.


Benjamin Murphie

Wrote this one a while ago, the idea just came to me and I went with it. This one might be a 'to be continued...'

The journey prt 3

Vetle Lidal

Jenn and Lear is chased by something and seek shelter in a monastery, but are they really safe? Here is part 3, this time with a slight christmas-feel. Happy Holydays everybody.

Evil on the Horizon

Matt Cole

The third installment in my apparently well-liked Gareth series. Read on, as the plot thickens... (scary music cue) :)

Drinkin' Song

Wayne Hingley

Slam down yer drink, stamp yer feet, sing along...but remember you're buying the next round.

Axe Happy

Helen Pye

I have to say that the tone was greatly inspired by reading work set in the Warhammer universe, though not actually set in it.


Cesar A. Premont

The account of a young warrior and his brother while his city is being invaded by former allies. My first try at first-person past-tense narrative. Comments more than welcome!

Following Death Ch. 1

Kelsey Simon

Follow Death and see where it will lead, it will lead to doom, and nothing but decieve


Russell Hawkes

This is a new one that I did sort of different. It's not really planed out, but I actually have some idea of where I want it to go. Feel free to tell me what you think of it.

~ A Lesson ~

J. Coates

I had always wanted to write an epic type poem that would remind people of sorrow filled bardic tales. This is what I came up with.

An Adventurer's Blunder...

Matt Cole

This is the second part of the adventures of Gareth, in which he makes a friend. Enjoy!

The Beginning

Matt Cole

This is a little story I wrote over two days, a little inspired by 'The Hobbit,' and a little by something my friend wrote. I hope to write a sequel soon, and continue Gareth's adventures...

A Duel for Vengeance

Nathaniel Mich

This is another story that I wrote during 9th grade study hall. Enjoy!

The War of Anith Anar

Michael Bloome

The events of a newbie in war.

Into the Darkness - Chapter 6

Matthew W Stewart

A real turning point in the story, this chapter has a good amount of reflection, it introduces some new characters and ends with some action. What more could you ask for?

A Redemption Story

Seth Fisher

My entry to the Echoes of Elfwood Contest. I guess this is the kind of story one writes after reading a lot of Ray Bradbury.

Uniting Lepporian chapter 1: Training in Marbeek

Tom Shine

This is the first of many 'sub' stories that all intertwine as the tale goes on. Keera is one of the main characters and features prominently in this installment, but Orkit is also in this one-although he doesn't say anything. See if you can figure out who he is! :)