Taken Back

Lisa Rogers

For the fantasies in us all.

Lord of the Light

Simone v.d. Kaaij

A young girl's plee to by guided back into the light.

Elemental of Energy: Chapter Two

Elly McFall

Sorry to all of you who hate chapters BUT....I write in chapter format!


Rachel Miller

This is a short story that I had an idea for. This is the only part actually written. It's called vocabulary because I had a list of vocab words from class, and wanted to try and write them into something... and this is what happened! :3

Just Sit Back and Watch

Callie Richardson

Unless, of course, there's no one left to watch...

The Ice Dragons

Kat Clements

When the spring thaw comes early with the scent of wizards, the young dragon Ice-Eyes must ally with a half-elf to save the Ice Dragons from destruction...

Friday the 13th chap. 4+5

Kristina Satterlee

twahahahhha sappy chapter, mabye, possibly, um.... hope u like :):0!

'Conquest' Synopsis

Carrie Ott

I felt like posting something different. This is what would appear on the back cover of the book I wrote like five years ago. Tell me what you think! Would you read the book? Comments and criticism greatly appreciated, as always. It was the first full manuscript I ever wrote, but it was nothing more than an experiment. My current writing is much more serious than this ever was. :)

The Lost Prophecy: Chapter Two

James Grosiak

just chapter 2 of my new lost prophecy

Ahead to the Future (Skit)

David S. Percival

This is a skit I wrote for Just Messing Around (an annual thing the students at my school put on... a funny theatrical thing that I just started doing this year)... It's really weird, even for me. And I mean REALLY weird. I wrote it in my Physics 11 class, and was giggling away while my hand cramped (I hate writing with pen, I really do). It's pretty strange stuff. But I'll let you see that for yourself (let no one else say that I don't do funny stuff on this site!)

Sweet Innocence

Brittany Sparks

Wow, can you say idea at one oclock at night? Yup...an idea I had at about one oclock at night, and figured I would write it down, see how it turned out, and maybe upload it. Here you are!

The Saga of Pallania: Chapter 1-2 of The Ptolomy Trilogy

anthony stewart

a guy goes in search of a monster that has haunted his dreams since childhood. upon finding the way to the monster he finds the way into another world and another life.

Emory 26 Miles

Jennifer Palisin

Ok this is actually a true story. It happend my freshmen year in collage. My college roomie...kari...and I were going to school at Texas A&M Commerce, then known as East Texas State. Anyway, it was a really boring town and practically deserted on the weekends, so we got into the habit of having little weekend adventures. One day I am going to post my little comic strip based on these really WEIRD things that happend to us every time we'd go on one of this little trips. The story began as an English paper...which is why it is writen in both first and third person. I decided to post it as is because I like seeing the story from two perspectives. I have been thinking for a while about rewriteing this and makeing it a bit longer....who knows one day I might actually get around to it.