Betrayal of Balance

Heather Bryan

You'll find that a lot of my work is in progress. This is yet another story that is far from being done. In fact this is actually a book that I'm working on. This is a taste of what's to come.

Black and blue top and baggy trousers

Tamara Radosevic

Beware of black and blue tops and baggy trousers ;)

The Holy Moons

Henrik Lerdahl

Another text that was supposed to be something else. Started out as a short piece of information on the Moons religion, worshipping the two moons in my world. Then I discovered that the text rhymed, so I just split the lines and added more verses. Somehow I think my inner poet managed to compel my subconscious. So, here we have a spiritual/religious hymn/chant/song to the two holy moons!

Balancing Powers - Prologue

Lyndsie Clark

The beginning of the story of Lana Lai and her search for The Power. If people like it I'll try to get the whole thing up.

The Question

Razvan Haiduc

Cycle of Balance - Chapter 1

Dabao Jia

This is the first chapter of my new story thing. It continues from the prologue. I'm still taking in any suggestions for names and any comments about the story would be nice too!

The Beginning


The story is basically the beginning of a world I am creating as a roleplaying game.

War of the righteous

Razvan Haiduc

Light, Darkness and Balance ~ Prologue

Frances Gibbs

Three people are thrown abruptly into a world tangled in a web of a war (inter-planar?) between Darkness and Light. A revelation comes to the most unlikely of prophets as the balance that should have been upheld for countless billions of millennia is being upset most dangerously and severely. We follow the characters through one plane into another, then into another and back again, leaping back and forth through the very walls of the insubstantial existance we call reality.

Operation Antithesis, 10

Taren Nauxen

Continued from 9. This story's not going to be updated much in the near future. (Inspiration on 'E')

Song of Balance (Poem)

Yuri Mat

This is part philosophical poem, part introductory piece for an RPG.

'Tis time to dance (A poem)

Antony B. Sadler (Drig)

This is a poem that was inspired by a picture of a mermaid within an Autumn leaf found in the Elfwood gallery of Breanne Bloomquist entitiled Water Fall

Dragon's Seventh Chapters 04 - 06

Antony B. Sadler (Drig)

Enter Elise stage center left - but don't worry we still have Des for the last two chapters. These three chapters owe Joelle a debt of gratitude for proof reading - my grammar is abysmal and commenting on possible chapter arangement changes. Thank you Joelle!

Bring Back the Sun: Breathless

Mai Zhang

He was Dei Luna’s wayward son, rapturous at dusk but grave in the sun.

Cycle of Balance - Prologue

Dabao Jia

I'm not done the story yet so I'm just putting them on chapter by chapter. This story is obsessed with balance and cycles.

History of The Divine

Matko Galesev

This is the story of creation of my own fantasy world. Well, a short version; I'm still amassing courage for a bible-sized version :D


Colleen Holt

A prelude to a longer story that is in the works.

Fleu du Elgoria Part II: Chapter VII

Jon Bretwalda Malek

Very important chapter in the development of the book, especially of Gautan's character. Sorry if it is too long, but Gautan - when he gets going - just LOVES to talk.

The Chaos Chronichles chapter one of order and chaos

Ari Lowenthal

the first in what i hope to be a growing storyline about a wizard's fight to uphold the balance between chaos and order

Cycle of Balance - Chapter 4

Dabao Jia

Personally, I think I like chapter 4 more than the other ones so far. I don't know how I made it this long though. O well! Enjoy!