Talisman (poem)

Deanna Scott

Every fantasy beast has its corresponding shadow in the human psyche.

Journey Part 05 - The Ball

Al Howe

Of course not so surreal can be strange too, especially as power grows.

Bjork the Orc

Ronnie Walton

I wrote this poem to enter into a contest among friends. As I sat at my computer, trying to come up with something, a name came to me. Bjork the Orc. The story of Bjork just came to me as I wrote the poem. I think it turned out rather well. Enjoy.

First - Chapter 1

Laura Soret

After a boring intro, here cometh the real stuff! First meets the outside world! Complete with illustration!

Chapter 5: Another Reading

Allison Dollar

Perhaps she will see more this time?

Secrets and Shadows

Amy Mila

 A writing exercise I did to help me develop some minor characters in my novel.A language note:French/ French derived words:Père- fatherMère- motherSoeur- sisterMarquise- title for nobility de- ofAu revoir- Goodbyehors de'œuvre- appetizerFrère- brotherSpanish/ spanish derived words:Papa- FatherMarquesa- title for nobility equal to Marquisedes- ofChau- goodbyeDuque- DukeDuquessa- Duchessmi- myMadre- motherSwedishav- ofGerman:Nein- no

Fireflies-ch. 6

Abbey Ash

Yeah, I know I skipped chapter five. I did for two reasons, 1) it was a serious plot digression (meaning it has nothing to do with the integrity of the plot) and 2) the computer was having issues with reading the html on that chapter....Only one important thing has happened. They had the ball and danced and had fun yadda yadda yadda everyone was happy until Enzar decided to crash the party. Then the last pearl was taken. End of chapter 5. Now here is chapter six!

Heaven's Ball

Charles Trowbridge

This is a surreal peice I wrote about 6 months ago(as of oct'02). I took it too some workshops and never worked it out quite far enough, but I think it's a wonderful example of a simple linier-abstract plot.

Elemental Alliance - chapter 2

Elisabeth Jones

Next part of the novel and we meet one new main person here, guess who? anyway, have fun reading, chap 3 should be here as well...

The Second Slipper

Sara Bean

Cinderella in stereo: two sisters, two slippers, two balls...but only one Prince. Let the melodrama begin...!

LPK: Chapter 5

Michelle Brooks

Partaaaayyyyy!!!!!!!!! Haukin and the Princess go to the party and meet the king...and some other...less good persons. The Princess and Haukin have a VERY IMPORTANT conversation in the garden. Will the Princess ever return Haukin's affections? Read and find out!!!

Chapter One - Aurora

Jason Bates

Im sorry if the intro is too long but i had to introduce the characters somehow.....

Flo ~ story

Peder la Cour

A story about a boy who wants to become a wizard and his dog.

The Frog Prince

Corianne Wilson

Did anyone bother to ask if he wanted to be a Prince?

A night to forget - Marissa's story

Andrew Jackson

'Ever had a dream that would be shattered by a kiss? A lifetime plan broken by a moment of unfaithfulness?' This one took me about four or five hours from woe to go, and any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. :)

Crystal Ball - Poem

Brandon Halcomb

Uh...You look.

Remnants: Book One, Part One

Elliott Edwards

Continuation of the Remnants storyline. This piece doesn't assume that one has read the prologue (although I might recommend it). It has been written a bit more recently than the prologue, and introduces a couple of main characters.

Not Your Average Damsel in Distress-1

Esmeralda Eli

Lady Ella is in deep trouble and no decent knight she comes across is willing to help her. She's just gonna have to count on her wit to get herself out of this mess.


nicole shaw

A bastard prince in a stressful dilemma.

Choosing Sides

Jaclyn Musselman

Have you ever wondered what troll kids will do when no one wants them to play with. This is an interesting little scenario thats been playing in my head for awhile. So what do you think she'll do?