The Marriage of Robin Goodfellow

Erin Fiddler' Anderson

A fairly out-of-character scenario for everyone's favorite Puck! It's a slightly sloppy ballad I composed to be performed at his wedding in piece I've been working on with Ida for many a year. It may not all rhyme, but it does have mettre.


John Blackham

This is one of my first ballads...i wrote it over a year ago...i personally think it's very weak in rhyme and rhythm, and doesn't make much sense...but it IS in a bit of background song for my Adzel series. I was going to make the Adzelian version of the Lord's Prayer...though first I have to design national religions...and the background of them...and...ya, you get the idea.

The Fey Bride

Caitlin McKnelly

When I wrote this I was trying to imitate the style of ancient fae ballads such as 'Thomas the Rhymer'.

Together not apart

Mark Kramarzewski

Still not happy with the title, not really happy with the whole thing actually just thought I'd bang it up here because I can.

Barron's Tale

Jillian Kielo

This is a ballad that I am working on, but it isn't finished and I can't think of anything that rhymes, so it's being put on the back burner for awhile.

The ballad of Elvgar's lost love

Peder Palmstierna

This is one of my personal favourite passages from the tale of Elvgar.

When She Kissed Him

Sandra Wagner

A ballad (I have an actual wave file where I sang this) I wrote to commemorate an in-character moment from a game I played. My elven Patter, Joy, finally broke down after many long, ardurous adventures and, knowing that tomorrow they might die, broke down and kissed her dwarven companion (to the shock of all and the shouts of 'ABOUT TIME!' from our archer friend). If you SERIOUSLY want to hear it, email me and I'll send you the wave file. until then, enjoy! Incidentally, the line 'kin to the Roses who never fade' is reference to an order of women called the Sisters of the Rose that Joy is in the process of joining.


Megan McCarthy

A short, satirical ballad from the point-of-view of the damsel-in-distress. My very first attempt at uploading something... *wince* I hope it works...

Song for Marijke

Katharina Prinz

A ballad I composed while thinking about the favourite species and my favourite Elfwood friend. This is for you, Marijke!

The Golden Halls

Lydia Pine

 A ballad about death and spirits.

To Be A Hero, the ballad of the short-sighted knight

Kitty H. van Oosten

This is a little joke-ballad that my character in AD&D sung to lift the spirits of his companions on a dreary night.

The Mink and the Hairy Man

Sally Catlin

Samuel Taylor Coleridge, it is said, fell asleep reading a history book and dreamed the famous poem Kubla Khan. When he woke he wrote down as much as he could remember, but was called away before he could finish. Well, I fell asleep reading The Collected Poems of Robert Service, and dreamed this, rhyme scheme, repeated refrain, and all. I wrote down as much as I could remember, and three years later sat down and finished it. It is heavily influenced, particularly, by 'The Ballad of the Black Fox Skin,' and by my recent reading of Watership Down.

'Untitled as yet'

Dream Black

I wrote this song in the spring of '02 for an SCA songwriting contest. Unfortunately as I can't write music it's stuck as just lyrics. It also needs a chorus line. I tried to write it in the same style as 'Thomas Rhymer' and 'Isabel and the Elf Knight'

Silver's Song (A Ballad)

Jessica Barnes

This one actually happens in Silver Adept. I know I'm not much of a poet, but I rather liked this one. The silver elf is Norton (aka the Silver Rose, aka the Shadow of Elomeia) - check out my loth gallery for a picture.

The Ballad of Fair Rachael

Jessica Cannon

You ever heard the saying 'I had to laugh otherwise I would cry?' Well, this tells how the evil Billy tried to pinch us workers of our Anzac day holiday! *Gasp!* I was so amused by what actually happened, that I imagined a far away world of magic and beasts half man - half goat (billy, billy-goat, get it?) and imagined myself on that strange soil. Of course, in that strange soil I would have blasted the all heck out of everyone with a fireball by now but ah, well. Inspired by reading the saga lesson of Cohen the Barbarian with his Bard, and by watching Clueless, too. Not to be taken seriously! Yeah, B-man, I clicked Orc because I didn't know what else to classify the beast I made you! Take that!

The Ballad of Dor'agon

Benjamin Pointer

The Ballad of Dor'agon is a little poem I wrote one day in Chemistry class. It's not exactly the best thing I've done - poems are not my forte - but it is an interesting piece nonetheless.

Sparrowhawk's Lament

Callie Richardson

This is a ballad that I wrote for school, in a Women's Lit class. It's about a woman that I know. (*grins* it rhymes!)

Emryss 2 : The Tale of Lilith and Ivan

Alix Fowler

Melana whom we met in the Epilogue is writing a paper for her instructor Chysta while day dreaming about herioc epics, and stumbles upon the tale of Lilith and Ivan

The Dryad's Tale

Regina Biffle

First part of what I hope will become an epic ballad sort of thing . . . if you couldn't tell, it's about a dryad. This little section is mostly about her parents . . . but she does get mentioned in the last three stanzas (if they really are stanzas).

Ballad of Sun vs. Moon

H. Peirce

I wrote this for lang/lit class. It was pretty fun to write.