Charles Trowbridge

This has nothing to do with the rpg nightlife(which is a great game, by the way). It's another not-so-cyber - punk story. What i've been doing alot recently is work on the story elements of cyberpunk. Yeah, hardware is important. In my humble oppionion one of the biggest mistakes cyberpunk authers make is being too dependent on hardware and not enought on wetwear. Cyberpunk is a state of mind, not a state of body. If it was a state of body then comic book cyborgs would be cyberpunk. Having metal in your frame has nothing to do with riding the edge of the dark future. There are plenty of cyberpunks in popular media who dont have a single implant but who are way more part of the genre than your run of the mill cyberninja. Check out the character Leon in 'The Professional' if you dont beleave me.

Catchphrase Introduction


Catchphrase is a punk band, and these are the stories following them from when they started into their fame and beyond. in which Catchphrase plays a show, and hangs out backstage.

Chapter One - Aurora

Jason Bates

Im sorry if the intro is too long but i had to introduce the characters somehow.....

Punished_Part II

Sheila Henson

Second part of my killer vampire story..tow more to go..can u feel the suspence..oh, and a mirk is someone who is the epitomy of an image..ish..just read it! and comment on it!

Fear not good knight

Josh Newby

A story of honor

Fey and Rainy

Meredith Temple

Written after listening to Our Lady Peace's Life for an hour and a half straight and playing around with a world me and my best friend write in for fun. A girl who's depressed and who's life is going nowhere has a brief encounter of the magical and faerie kind. . .

The Blue Room (for want of a better title)

Jesse Harber

Just something I knocked together while i was supposed to be studying for exams. As with all my stories, I hope to develop it more. i would like to say I have huge encouragement from my teachers at school, but my english teacher's not big on creative writing. Anyway, enjoy.

Song of Rings

Amanda Hoffman

This is what I get for listening to Nickelback 'How You Remind Me' numerous times consecutively. Oy... O.o

Blood Palms

Jessica Arnold

I've added a bit to the first few sections of this chapter. It shows a bit of the relationship between Linda and Adrien and shows that this isn't the first time one of Adrien's lovers ended up dead...

A Hero's Life

Ricky Barnett Jr.

Something a little different, for me anyway. Simply written I based it off what it might be like for charachtors in a Roleplaying game. It is kind of humorous, or easy going. Just read it and enjoy.

Angel Cross - Lost

Lisa Karsai

Chapter eight (One of part two) I'm not too sure about the about the chapter name, or the point of this chapter either, I suppose it's to fill in a gap between the last one and the next one (which is kick arse apprently) Oh well, you're stuck with Deamon for a while after Angela did her nice little cliff hanger in the last chapter. You may even find out what happened to her eventually, but not yet... Not yet. Enjoy and comments more than welcome as usual!

Dwarf Music

Leif Moldskred

This started out as an introduction to a home-made rule I created for a miniature wargame. I decided I liked it enough to try and make a proper story out of it, so I rewrote it (and removed all the game-specific references so I wouldn't run afoul of Elfwood's rule about fan fiction.) I didn't quite manage to turn it into a working story. It sort of works, but it needs a better closure. Anyway, enough background. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Dwarf Music. And for those of you who have played in a band or a musicial corps, this story is for you in particular.


Ivy Callier

Ok, let me get this perfectly straight - SONG. Not POEM, SONG. This is a song I wrote for a band I was trying to start called Rude Awakening... but, that idea is dead. Personally, I don't think it ever lived. The second I mentioned the idea it spread like wild fire and too many people wanted to be in it. So far, we had two drummers, three guitarists, five singers and no one willing to compromise. I couldn't take it - there was no way we were getting anywhere with a million people and no organization. I quit. My idea? Down the drain. I care? Yes. If I ever get possessed to start a band again, I'm going solo. Sorry guys. I wrote this song because it went well with my voice. I wrote this song so my closer friends and I could have a shot to be somebody. I wrote this song because I thought we had a chance - that means nothing to anybody I am guessing.

The Band

Jessica Arnold

I worked on this last semester during a creative writing class. It is more developed than the introduction I had up. I may write more on it, I like it a lot.

Song: Silently she calls

Inge van den Broek

this is a funny one, written during the summervacation I'm correct... for a friend who liked a guitar playing guy in a story I wrote.. he actually wasn't very important (or, actually, he appeared in only half a page =P) for the story, but because she asked me to, I wrote some lyrics ;) (actually she asked for a story, but I was too lazy =P) The guy I was talking about just a few lines ago, is the leadsinger and guitarist in a band, he sings about the vampire that drank from him but let him live.. he should not remember what has occured, but he does and he wants to see her again... will she ever contact him? I'm not sure, i only have the feeling the vampire might be Inora (though this is not part of the story)


Marianne Cassidy

I tend to be very dependant on dialogue in my writing, so I decided to base a story around a character who is mute. Merkin is an elf who makes her living as a street mime. I've been toying around with her as a character for quite a while, experimenting with her in different situations. I quite like the way this one came out.