Origins of the Sensational Six

N. Henry

Long before the League of the Second-Best, there was the Sensational Six...

Brother of Rat

Sean Daily

One of the most popular bar songs in Tayassam, a chiroptim ghetto in New York City and the scene of my upcoming roleplaying system. It's like 'A Fairy Tale of New York' to chiroptim. Imagine the guys singing one chorus, then the ladies, then everyone all together in the final chorus.

Ch. 2 Familiar Feelings

Kerry Stolp

Chapter 2

The Regent of Souls p3

Sandra Wagner

Chapter 3: What happened in the Baron's house. Chapter 4:As Suri predicted to Daniel not a night passed, She and Joseph are on the road to York. Decisions are made that will affect both of them for a very long time. Chapter 5: Arrival in York and meeting the Bishop. Things are more fully explained.

Key to the City (prologue)

Graeme Smith

This is a series of six character-introducing vignettes that could serve as the prologue for a fantasy novel I'm thinking of writing.  The characters include Slang (a reptile man barbarian), Hurok (an orc healer), Black Flower Melody (a human martial artist), Denvil (an almeer wizard), Zorf (a zeetvah warrior), and Querial the Fair (an elf archer).


Darin Barnes

Brothers enjoying the life of theives encounter a mage.

A Wizard's Guide 1-2 (2000)

Sarah Bellian

A young boy named Douglas graduates from a Wizard's Academy and is sent out into the world...

Trials of a King: Survival (Chapter 1)

Jeremiah Douglas

Have you read the Prelude yet? Chapter One

The Dragonrider Chronicles -1-

Brandy May

No, not the ones from Pern, I've actually never read Anne McCaffery. Again, this is an old story, intended to be part of a series. I never decided I liked how it came out enough to write any others.

The Silver Brooch - Chapter Three

Maria Elmindreda L

Miriel's adventures continue. Read for yourself to find out more. ;)

A Wizard's Guide 3-4 (2000)

Sarah Bellian

Douglas discovers that the real world is seldom what you expect it to be...

Trials of a King: Survival (Chapter 2)

Jeremiah Douglas

Chapter 2

Trials of a King: Survival (Chapter 4)

Jeremiah Douglas

Chapter 4

Trials of a King: Survival (Chapter 6)

Jeremiah Douglas

Chapter 6

Trials of a King: Survival (Chapter 5)

Jeremiah Douglas

Chapter 5

Trials of a King: Survival (Chapter 3)

Jeremiah Douglas

Chapter 3

Silver Phoenix, chaptre one

Audrey M.

A young boy finds a living sword in the woods one day, and then his problems begin.Next Chaptre -->,_chaptre_two.3437210.html

For King and Country - Chapter 4

Andreas Fog-Morrissette

First Blood puts some action back into the story as Lance and Lucius try to make their own way to the capital of Isilnia. Advice and comments: love them : )

Ch. 1 Demons and Angels

Kerry Stolp

Chapter 1 of my story

Ch.5 Pain worse then Death

Kerry Stolp

Chapter 5 is a point in the story that i think is more filler then any thing else. i needed some thing to happen to get bandit to go some where so this is it