A Promise

Carl Anderton

Meriadoc and Myria - two roleplay characters of mine - meet each other whilst out on the road...

Chosen 7b

Andrew Casey

Second half of chapter 7

Aliaya's Story

Stephanie Walls

Story ~ Sect 1/?: Aliaya, being forced to get married, flees her home and everything she knows with her dear friend. An unfortunate event, however, seperates them.

Arthallin Majeste - Part 5

Jason Romein

The tale continues as the adventurers meet up with the bandits. I wrote this in one sitting, so it should be fairly coherent. I noticed that in the last one, I referred to Arthallin's stone as a garnet, and it's really a ruby. Just a note.

Blessed Eternia - Chapter 2

Steven Cooper

After the battle for Sendon, the heroes decide to embark on a journey to warn the rest of the borderlands of the impending attacks.

Wyvern Project 3: A Tale of Madness and Pride

Richard Lorenz

A Treatise on the Damnation of a Soul and its effects on Society at Large: Or, A Tale of Madness and Pride

ShadowStride: A Mages Legacy...Chapter 1

Krista Johnson

Okay, this is one of the ShadowStride fantasies that I've been living in since I was five and learned about dragons, elves, mages, etc. ShadowStride is 3 completely different fantasies of mine, and I guess I'll mash them together and make A Mages Legacy. This is about a 14 year old boy named Xavier, who is a mage in training. This chapter just lets you know a bit about this realm and Xavier, along with a small fight.

Chosen 7

Andrew Casey

After Varagen's defeat the remants of the Gallant expedition attempt to find their place in the new land.

Silver Phoenix, chaptre two

Audrey M.

The boy learns how to fight with Phoenix and earns himself an enemy.Next Chaptre --> www.elfwood.com/~yokogreyword/Silver_Phoenix_Chaptre_three.3437209.html

Hunter of the Winged

Chris Uber

This is part one of the prologue to a book I'm working on. Hope you enjoy it. All comments/suggestions appreciated.

Familiars-Chapter 4

Elisabeth Jones

next part of the journey. This chapter is between two sleepovers and eloise was grounded so Cathy came instead. It also has a fight, wouldn't you like to do that to someone?

Prologue 2 Confrontations

John R. Smith

This story explains a landmark for a future story and sets up the bandits' conditions for a future story.

Working Title: Sushi Western, Prologue

Jason Allard

I was originally inspired by a video of Cowboy Bebop set to the music from 'The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.' It dawned on me that most of the 60's and 70's 'spaghetti westerns' were remakes of earlier Japanese films. 'The Maginicent Seven' is nothing more than a western remake of Kurosawa's 'The Seven Samurai.' Likewise, his movie, 'Sanjuro' was remade into 'A Fistful of Dollars.' Much later it was again remade into 'Last Man Standing' but that's beside the point. I decided to have some fun and turn the process around. This is the beginning of a story that I watched as a western and am rewriting as a samurai epic. This prologue sets up the stage by telling the story of the great treasure. The hidden object of the quest.

Jack, Part 1 (The Dragon Bandit)

Heather Carey

 So, I have decided to change the first chapter of my book. This is no longer the first chapter, but I thought I might keep it anyways. Please, please, PLEASE tell me what you think! Feedback - I must have it!Silastrix- female half-dragon woman. Smythe's best friend. No one else in the guild knows that she's a girl, because it would've made things harder for her to have gotten to be a member in the first place.Smythe- Looks a little like Ghostrider. If Smythe knew who Ghostrider was, he would reply with a good amount of indignation that he is NOT a THING like him. Yes, and he has the personality of the charming Skulduggery Pleasant. *Yay!* (This is NOT a fanfic of either of them!!)Mortal Coil- Creepy as all hells. You'll see him later.Lord Soth- The AMAZINGNESS. Inspired by Valen Shadowbreath. (Not a NWN or HotU fanfic either!!) You'll see him later. Named after a friend of mine. The guild is also named after a friend's idea.Kyto- A regular idiot. :)Amyranth- Guildmaster previous to Mortal Coil. Did he really go insane? Or did he know something the others didn't? He's a mix of crazy, sadistic, funny, bloodthirsty, and plain weird.Now, read on! :)

Chapter Two - Sheni

Sophia Rose Dique

Ahh, the second chapter! Yay! A little bit of action at the end. I'm halfway through my third chapter so by the time this one gets up, I should be ready to put the other one up! anyways, have fun!

Ghosts of the Past

Oliver Kennedy

Some of the first draft of a novel I am trying to complete. A little rusty, some of it needs to be heavily reworked and some has been edited to comply with the rules. Remember that this is the beginning of a larger story, and focuses mostly on setting the status quo before it gets into the heavily fantastic.

Brothers of Adasottan: Part 1

Scott Schubert

This could quite possibly be my first attempt at a fantasy story. It tells of four cursed men traveling in a world that is unwilling to accept them.

Jack, Part 2 (The Dragon Bandit)

Heather Carey

 In this piece (Post-Jack encounter), we find out more about the guild and its members. At the end, a kind of cute moment between Silas and Smythe.

Blessed Eternia - Chapter 1

Steven Cooper

Twenty years after the war of Immortals; new tragedy strikes the hometown of the heroes. How will they respond?

Hunter of the Winged

Chris Uber

This is the second part of the prologue to Hunter of the Winged. Hope you enjoy it!