Unlocked - II

Emily Kirsch

A continuation, apparently, of the first chapter. I love how this one's coming along! Hardly anyone's read it... comments and critiques are always welcomed.

Unlocked - VII

Emily Kirsch

And we have another chapter. What, am I actually continuing this? Amasing. Introducing a whole slew of new characters in the next chapter... which might be up before this year is out!... or not.


Emily Kirsch

A poem I wrote for James Bowers' Death Knocks project. Took a bit of tweaking to get it how I want it... but I'm more or less proud with the finished product.


Brianne Hughes

This is a poem, obviously, that I thought up one day while thinking 'What if...' about the origin of banshees. I hope you enjoy.

The Banshee

Caitlin McKnelly


Elizabeth Wilcox

I wrote this in the entirety of five minutes. Feel free to criticize--I know it needs rewriting.

The Golden Halls

Lydia Pine

 A ballad about death and spirits.

The Banshee

Melissa Canaway

Just a short (ish) poem I wrote a while back...hope ya'all enjoy.

The Land Of Goondan Tah

Holly baby' Davidson

this is a really weird, silly story that i made up one day in art class during art history when i was suposed to be paying atention. my art teacher, whom we all hate, has an awfull voice...so i made this storry...the banshee being my teacher. Holly is me, Beth is Bethany Holtoff, you can find her link somewhere, and Andrew is my boyfriend

The Banshee's Cry

Virginia Adams

Not really much to say about this. I tried to make it haunting, but it didn't much turn out that way. Anyway, I hope you enjoy. :)

Bean Sidhe

Mandi Huffman

I wrote this last year for an English assignment. It's a bit rough, I do have to admit and I'd like to write a new version. But now time! High school life is hectic! But, I love this piece and I actually got off my lazy butt to do research! LOL~;)

Bean Sídhe

Lucy Johannssen

A night in the life of an Irish banshee.

Music at Midnight

Nettie Bell

The wail of a banshee is a bad omen.  Would Aeneas McCready live to see another day?

The Cost of A Memory

Anna Christenson

It's about a manor ghost who is thinking back on her life and why she has stayed in this world.

Crimes of Passion

Glendora Bowling

An ancient Celtic banshee from mythical legends steps forward to tell about herself and why she seeks vengeance against the men who abuse or mistreat the women in their life.

Ageless Storm Chapter one

Sharon Coller

The first chapter of this project....more coming

The banshee of Elmendor

Christopher Manica

Treating with sorceresses is, once again, shown to be unwise.

Ariel and the Lionar

Elizabeth Fitzgerald

A small poem from the main character of 'Awakening', Ariel Stardancer

Awakening: Chapter Two

Elizabeth Fitzgerald

By popular demand, a preview of the second chapter of Ariel Stardancer's tale **UPDATE 8/4/2003**- Well preview no longer. The completed chapter as it stands. Feedback is eagerly welcomed

Unlocked - III

Emily Kirsch

And so the plot thickens...