Another One Of Those Nights....

Samuel Perreault

This is a part of a little story I was going to write, but after the introduction, I just kinda lost my inspiration, so never finished it.


Linda Billson

I made a few changes to this one, since I didn't like where it was ending up. ^.^ Let me know what you think!


Wayne Hingley

...and again, a limerick

Beyond the Wastes - Chapter 3

Trevor Yuill

Chapter 3!!! (who would have guessed? You would have?!?!?! Really? My god!) one yet in my opion. Enjoy.

Beyond the Wastes - Chapter 2

Trevor Yuill

Second chapter of Beyonf the Wastes (who would have known?) Starts to actually get interesting here.

Pax Romana

Charles Lazaroo

This was the first story I posted on Elfwood, and it's now defunct. I intended it to be a story where the Roman empire never fell, but now, its basically without a plot. So here it is. However, if you have aplot that can improve on this story, e-mail me ! I'll be gald to here it, and I'll see what I can do.

Death Oath of the Brethren

Vincent Moore

This is an oath barbarians recite at the funeral of their battle brothers.

Adventures of the Sensational Six, 'Under Siege,' Part 1

N. Henry

The city of Amphiroth finds itself the target of an army of Centaur Bandits! Can the Six, with Amphiroth's private Barbarian army scrape victory from the jaws of certain defeat?

Shin No Ippo 3

Brandon Christ

Jay's plan to abduct the prince goes awry, and he fights the prince's gaurd. PS: Von Dagga can be interpereted as 'Jeez,' or 'Holy Crap,' depending no the usage. You can usually put it into context anyway.

Dusk of Innocence: Chapter 2

Danielle Reynolds

Chapter 2: Markas finds himself all alone until a chance encounter introduces him to some new travel companions. Note: All spells are untranslatable. Any 'foreign” languages used will be translated by footnote in the text.

Raven Flight Chapter Twelve

David Rookhuyzen

Chapter twelve is now finished and up for your approval. This chapter really helped me to expand upon some of the mysteries I've introduced so far. Most of the events revolve around Corean this time. To my amazement, after finishing the initial rough draft, I found that I had made Corean the hero of the story instead of Damion (my original idea for the protaganist). In the end though, she makes a better focal point just because everything in the story is new to her so we get to see through her eyes. Enjoy and ponder what could possible happen next...

Midnight Dreams

Debra Krause

A poem that I wrote for English. Got a good mark on it.

The Rougites : Chapter One

Richelle Morris

This story is set in the same world as 'The Treeweavers', but is occurring in an area on the opposite side of the continent. This is all I have of chapter one, so there's more coming... eventually.

Playing fair

Shiri Kc Burdette

This short Sci-fi story is a scene from a book I started to write but backed off it a long time ago, so this peice became an individual story that kinda contains all that u need to know, but as a further description and a bit o info I will tell ya whats happening: a while back there was collapse in a solarsystem (supernova) called the milkyway, earth was insinuated but the explosion was so powerfull that it actually infused whole dimentions together, and a commet (that was set off from the sun) caused a big hole through the dimensions, like a sewing needle and through that hole the contents of other dimentions (people houses stuff cars ect ect) began pouring into eachother, after a while the fusion cooled down but there where still places with gaps in them. anyhoo the characters find themselves beseiged by barbarians somehow and oh just read :)

Chapter 3: The Distant Beat of Drums

Stephen Watkins, Jr.

Rumor carried on a breeze... the sound of a drum beat on the horizon--the steady beat of war drums. When a peaceful evening is shattered by a deserting soldier tearing through the quiet village of Caer Tarnasa, Tarna finds himself at the cusp of something he never expected to see in his life. Refugees from the city of Caer Fora confirm the worst. War is coming.

Beyond the Wastes - Chapter 1

Trevor Yuill

Frist chapter of my current story in progress. About some random people on the frontier, so, enjoy.

Krum Sourfang, Part 1: Childhood (as far back as things start to get interesting)

David Frye

Part one of a I-don't-know-how-many part series.