Another Foolish Human

Ana León Guzmán

This a story about a boy who wanted to be a mermaid, or whatever male mermaids are called! And how two real mermaids made a bet about his destiny...

Chapter 5 - Deljin

Debra Turpin

Deljin meets her long-dead Grandfather (E'Dah). Her world opens up as she discovers new dimensions. I really love the character of E'Dah, he's great fun to write.

Lord of the Light

Simone v.d. Kaaij

A young girl's plee to by guided back into the light.

Fallen Destiny: Part One, The First Memory

Matthew Brill

Zalrath, the beginnings of my main character.

The Night 5 (Eternal Nightmares)

Brandon Lee

Sometimes we let ourselves be cover in saddness that it consumes us but not known to us that the world is also full of hopes


Cesar A. Premont

This is the (for the lack of a better word) introduction to the land of Nudomia. This going to take care of the setting for my Nudomia series. Let me know what you think.

Warning, Love can be Deadly

Ben Ward

Just a little story I wrote about a vampire girl who is determined to get the object of her desires. All creatures no matter how nightmareish can fall in love.

Dark Tranquillity

Kim E. Hjelm

another short one about pain and expections

The HeronTear. Chapter One.

Josephine Broshears

I probably wont be posting the rest of the story, though I would enjoy a few critiques upon this part. The HeronTear is about a young princess who finds the killing of her father not as tragic as it is supposed to be.

Flash Backs

Leandri Klopper

Layla is 'n teenage girl who has to deal with the going away of her lover.


Alexander Yusuf

This is another short story written for my cousin who isn’t a big fan of fantasy, but would try anything once.

To be a Leader

Peter Berta

(poem) A poem about the burdens that one must under take to be a leader in this world.

Joshua and Annabelle (Part One)

Hayley van Gelder

Typical story of childhood sweethearts - or is it?? ;)


Liisa Julin

A small text about about dragons. enjoy ^-^ And I did see that there is a typo... it should say: 'flesh 'of' a titans' etc.