Memories Of The In-Between (prologue)

Gemz Holt

well While I was writing the poem 'Hero' it inspired me to write this. In my opinion you should read this first then the poem, later, but if you have already read the poem, it still doesn't ruin the ending. Well let me know what you think!!!

The Man from Covelo

William McPherson

A very short story about a rather surreal incident.I've never been really satisfied with the ending.


Carrie Ott

Written for a flash fiction competition - a (totally) facetious story about the hardships of the underground hermit crab gambling ring. Yes, hermit crabs. Actually, MEXICAN hermit crabs (complete with a little Spanish dialogue)! Alfredo's made some big mistakes, and now he's bargained more than he can pay for....

A story of Stops

Kim Schoonover

'Tis a story with no 'e's. I blame Megan Proverbs and my keyboard. Megan because she suggested I write a story with no 'e's and my keyboard because the 'e' key quit working and because of that, events led to Megan's suggestion. Understand, here, that I couldn't use the word 'the', past tense, and a great deal of the English language besides. So, sorry if it makes no sense. >. O_O?! Its August 19, and this got a mod's choice. Wow. this is awesome, but also slightly creepy. *is not going to explain*

3. Everlasting

Suzanne Atkins

The third installment to the 'Eternity Series'. I think they pretty much explain themselves now.

Epic - Vertigo Beach

Chris Poole

Read my friends.


Ayla Elder

Written at 2:30 a.m...sort of dark and cryptic.

Angel of the Golden Sunset

Imelda Weijers

This image was created for the Art Duel Special Event - Flight Contest. While I was working on it, the words for this poem popped up in my head. (Illustration created by myself using Poser and Photoshop)

Liquid Amber

William McPherson

A short poem about my favorite place, McClure's beach.

The Legend of Blade: The Birth - Chapter Two

Josh Boo' Walls

Blade is confronted with someone he hadn't seen before. Who is he and what does he want? He must find the griffin, but can he destroy it? PLEASE COMMENT!

The Day the Sea Sang

Sarah Cuypers

A small village is rattled by strange voices in a nightly storm. But that is only the beginning of a far stranger oocurance. Originally written and accepted for EMG-zine, April 2009.

Violet Sky

Rachel Lawlor

Yet another haiku-format thingy... I do too much of those.This was written as part of an exercise I started at the Elfwood forums to help writers and artists keep their skills sharp and break through blocks. It hasn't caught on yet, but then again, the forums aren't very populated. In any case, you can find that thread and the premise of this exercise here.Since the list has changed since I last rolled, this was written with this image and the word 'dragon' for inspiration. You can probably tell I wasn't being very creative at the moment of writing, given the inspirations, but oh well.

A Strange Day in July

Alana Poirier

This was a story I wrote for english class. It's not my favorite story, but I figured my library could use a few updates. Anyway, there were two illustrations we had to choose from, each with a little quotation on the bottom. We had to choose one to write a story about. I chose one with a young boy skipping a stone and a young girl watching behind him. The quote said 'He threw with all of his might, but the third stone came skipping back.' Don't ask how I managed to come up with this from that. Overactive imagination I guess. ^^;;


Monica Hintz

Sometimes our dreams are filled with desires, sometimes they are filled with fears. The dreams in this peom are filled with both, but sometimes fears are not bad at all.


E. Hanna

The story of a young crane in a mystical land. Dedicated to young love.

A Bite in Time Saves Mine

Elizabeth Finn

Same characters as 'More Than One Way to Slay a Wolf,' an attempt at magical realism. Two girls at the beach, one of them is most certainly not what she seems.

Memories of Home

E. Greene

I'm not sure where this came from, but it spawned a small series of short stories about this family that I collectively refer to as the Mir series.

Down the Endless Shore

Krissy Marie' Jones

A young woman has a surreal meeting with a distant ghost of a friend.

It was Strange

Diana Moon' Schmuckal

working title. Based off a dream I had. I call it a storem, cause its a mix between a story and a poem. Thanks for the Mod's Choice! It really made my day!

Dragon Rider

Karen Krueger

The other night, I was sitting on an air plane returning to college after spending Thanksgiving at home. Out of nowhere, this story just popped into my head. The only problem is I have no idea how to finish it. I'm open to suggestions.