Maze of Bodies

Cherie Duarte

This story is basically about a maze of bodies that an elf girl, a human boy and his classmates encounter. They travel through the maze, each group separated, and come to certin fates.

Chapter 2: In the Forest

Laura Jennings

A priest of the forest realizes an ancient power has been ressurected ...

Chapter 3: Lucky to Be Here

Laura Jennings

A defiant dancer desires past freedoms ...

The Tale of Years - II. The First Elf-Lord

Christopher Manica

Tolkien meets the Book of Genesis.

The Bonding

Rebecca Loofboro

Part of a journal of one Mishael Kèros and what happened to him when he first got his Journeyman status.

The Hermit

Jess Hyslop

Ooh, is this a companion piece to 'The Hunter', you ask?? Well, I wouldn't want to disappoint you... so yes, yes it is!! In fact, it is almost more the Hunter's story than the Hermit's... Although I am sorry to say that I don't consider it quite as original as 'The Hunter' itself; it's a little more *generic*, you could say. Which is a shame - maybe I will re-work it at some point. BUT it does give big big clues as to WHAT the Hunter is, if not WHO. I was going to reveal his name at the end, but when I wrote it in it seemed a really cliched and horrible way to end it, so I didn't... Hehehe sorry!By the way, as I've replied to many of the comments on 'The Hunter' itself, most of your wonderful guesses as to his identity were actually being way more clever than I was when writing it... and so made a lot more sense than who he actually is meant to be. To be honest, it doesn't matter particularly in 'The Hunter' - it's a bit more explicit here. I hesitated to make it so explicit, as I didn't want to spoil the mystery... If you liked 'The Hunter' as it was, maybe you should steer away from this one. (Ha, good one, Jess - telling people *not* to read your story!!!)

Ilicia's History

L. Webb

Before you go and read the Tales of Ilicia, you might want to know it's history. This is it! *updated with PARAGRAPH TAGES!*

The Awakening

Mari Binx

If magic were to come to Earth, who would protect those who had none? Who would stop creatures of magic from hurting mankind?

Mercenary II The Gray Empire, Chapter one A Gray World *Censored Version*

Frankie Price

Well, it took 38 hours non-stop to finish this! This is my first story in a very, very long time. 15 years or around there. If there is any problem with the story please say so, I need to know, so I know either to make another chapter or not.Thanks: tumbleweed444

EWAF Part 1 : Missing Guardians

Laura Crampton

Finally I have decided to upload the story of the Elfwood Airforce a bunch of wiley winged critters out to save the world and the skyies from evil doers! I have had permission from all artists involved in this project to use their chracters Sy is (c) copyright to me Beval is (c) copyright Sarah (Saza) Asquith, Leo is (c) copyright Jenni Marie Brian and Bluey, airin, issiah and bubblegum are (c) copyright Laura (L-chan) Laurain and the evil ruler Locke is (c) copyright Shan (Shandalf)Snow. The EWAF is finally here and getting published if you wanna find out more about the artists and about how it all began why not visit The ATB or The EWAF!! Have fun hope you enjoy the story part 2 and 3 are basically finished but all 3 need editing! so please excuse my cakky grammer!

An Ivory Tale, Chapter Four: Poetry, Jokes and Birds

Toni Kaukinen

And phew, more of it. It took a while and it ended up being about as long as chapter one, which was not supposed to happen at all! Ahem. (Kitty poem is courtesy of one Ree 'ReeToes' Tjeerdsma, used with permission! Thanks, Ree!)


Nefarious Philippa McMahon

This is the first story to be born from my world 'Skatolon'. Having loafed around for a while now, I've finally gotten my act together and started to write. This will not be the only story to use this world, I have the story of Marveil in the pipeline....

Day & Night

L. Webb

This poem is something I did at the public pool while sun-bathing. The sun was bright and I remembered another poem, and it inspired this one. Hope you enjoy! ^_^ *updated wityh PARAGRAPH TAGES!*

The Rain

L. Webb

This poem was inspired by myths and a storm one day. I sat on my porch, sitting on a lawn chair with my journal, staring at the sky and everything was wet. I only wrote two lines in my pages, but words thundered through my mind as much as the storm. *updated with PARAGRAPH TAGES!*


nigel pyne

Flash story set in Edadh where a fisher goes for glory but finds too much danger

Chapter Two

Abigail Taylor

Annabelle-Lee is a young journalist taking her studies abroad. Now, in her second chapter, she has to face the frightening truth of half-wolves.

Chapter 1: A Key in the Mines

Laura Jennings

Young Nicodemus finds a mysterious object of power ...

(Child of the Night) Prologue

Joseph Olonia

One trial ends, another begins.


Lews Therin

Exiled to the Roof of the World he sits alone, well alone save for memories and his executioner

The fall of Darek

paulina Szulejewska

Darek, a prosperous city was once prophecised to fall from the hand of the Evil One. No one took heed of the warnings and tried to save the city...