Collette Marette

A poem about what I think poetry is.

Death's Tears Part 3

Leigh Erickson

Here we learn a little bit more about the Dialos, not a lot granted, but a little. Next bit on Garnor's story.

Dragon Slain (Poem)


The structure was something I came up with on the fly. The subject explains itself. Of all my poems posted here, this remains my favorite.


Dave McGrogan

A poem about spring and faeries and, in a roundabout way, what I think life is really about.

The Wake of Winter

Brittany Dulay

This is the new version of my story 'Winter's Awake' and in my eyes it is a lot better. It tells of a story of how Winter (the season) is shunned by the world when it comes. In the end though, tears only create a beauty…A beauty between two…

A Grave of Comfort

Brittany Dulay

A poem that was orginally part of the story, 'The Silent Tragedy.' It reveals how Rauvinne just wishes she could be put out of her misery by death's loving heart.

*The Fairy Tales* Purple Cutians

Lauren Christine

This is the third, and most.. err... interesting (?) one of the fairy tales series. It is a retelling of Sleeping Beauty, and to help you understand it a bit better, Sleeping Beauty speaks first. ^_^

Vanity is a Sin

Lauren Christine

it's not my best work, but it's alright i suppose... actually, i just wanted a story with long funny names, and this is what came out!! ^__^

Lady Winter

Elizabeth Steen

I'm a lover of nature, and nature inspires me greatly. Another time I may show Lady Autumn to the woods, but for now *waves her wing* I introduce thee to Lady Winter.


Guillermo García

The poem version of sleeping beauty. I wrote this one day while listening to 'With You' by linking park... funny what trigers inspiration. Ohh and Karla Chambers's 'Many Furred' was a BIG source of inspiration.

In Search of Paradise Ch.3

H. Coyne

Gwyneth's father is long in coming and the local Laird grows less kind.

Beauty Fairy

Bryony Stubbs

I'm not entirely sure about this one, although I like the idea. It's about a fairy that creates beauty in unexpected places.

Beauty and the Beast, 3-5

Carmel Shachar

A non-traditional uptake of Beauty and the Beast. The narrative is a bit strange and rare. Come check it out! Here Beauty and the Beast get to meet... true love? True hate? You decide!

Beauty and the Beast, 24-25

Carmel Shachar

C'mon all my male readers, judging by my guy friends if they had the power to be invisible they'd do something similar to what the Beast does. But first... do you believe in Breakfast?

Embraced thy seething bough

Kate Inquisition

Other than perhaps the first paragraph, this is more of a storytelling piece, less for Middle English, and more towards a tale. It didn’t quite work out to my liking, I’m rather disappointed in it, yet here it lies. It’s about demons (Vimridh’s) (The name is an ancient god of some kind) that capture mortal slaves in forests, bind their hands, feet, and neck, and bring them to their own Lords. One particular girl is captured, but her captor ambushed, and with his spear, she escapes. After running for a great while, she stops at a vast swamp, cornered, and feels a drop of blood on her shoulder. Looking up into the mighty tree above her lies another large beast. She climbs the tree, and with the stolen spear kills it, finally, leaving her exhausted. She throws down the spear and jumps off a tree branch overlooking the murky swamp, but in doing so, hangs herself off the branch by the shackle around her neck. (Interrupted scream)

Chapter 1

Magdalena Cerrina

This is the first chapter of a story idea I've been working on for about five years.

The Duckling was She

Alison Durrans

This story is a kind of cross between the ugly duckling and swan lake! I thought it was an interesting idea!


Alison Grills

I might be into werewolves and vamps but I do like fairies too, so here is my take on the Fairy Princess.

A Faerie Queen

Jenna Brager

This is a poem about a faerie who falls in love with a human boy

Beauty and the Beast

Stephanie Walls

Short Story ~ COMPLETED: There is some danger to beauty, as this poor bloke is about to find out. It was one of those little stories that somehow jumps into my head.