Why Don't They Listen?

David Nusse

I did this for Emily McDurman's little contest thingy. I've tried uploading this thing at least four times already and everytime it's come out with funky fonts and stuff, so this time I changed the way it was formatted and rewrote it on a different computer. It had better come out right this time.

Chosen I - The First to Live

Sophia Rose Dique

This is the first in a series of poems; A bit of mystery, a bit of horror - lets see what we can do with it.

A Goodnight Story

Morten Leren

What happens to monsters gone bad? They become good friends.

Out of the darkness ~ poem

Uffe Olesen

This is about what love might have turned into. It is an reflection on how people meet and depart having only obsession (and no love) between them

Bed Monsters

Lindsay Florence Morrison

I have no idea what provoked this story... but here it is!


Malis Vitterfolk

Here is a peace that I wrote in class for some reason. I like it because of the twist at the end.


Ana Barbulescu

When a little fairy has a hard time getting a human to dream. Might explain why you keep having nightmare in which you're falling and the sensation is soo real.

Give In to Me (Poem)

Tina Andersen

I... honestly don't know why I wrote this. It's strange, I'm not happy with it, but I was told it was good so I'm putting it up. Bah. And, as a quick notice, the genders of the two are left in the dark on purpose, and I'll be happy to hear interpretations... ;)

Beyond the wall of sleep

Reetta Järvenpää

Beyond the wall of sleep is originaly a story by H.P.Lovecraft. I've always liked the sound of that title, so in a moment of inspiration, I decided to write my own story based on that particular line. I also tried to capture sort of a lovecraftian mood in this. There is a person going to sleep, and there is a demonic thing obsessed with the person going to sleep. I like to imagine the demonic thing standing beside the person's bed talking to themselves.

Conversations with the thing underneath my bed

Natalie Beckwith, the ungotten

a depressed girl, styx, consouls with the createure thatr lives undere her bed... the things a guy incsase your wondering

Moonlight and Stardust

Jessie Tobias

A poem I wrote for a contest in eighth grade... turned out good... Won first prize... Uhhh... Yeah.

Sleeper of the Day

Tracy Wood

This story I wrote back in high school. I think the topic was having someone go through a strange experience and explain it. I don't really like it but it got a perfect grade =)

Something in the closet

Emily Kirsch

Ever wonder if you weren't really just imagining?

A Death To Live By

Adrienne Romani

The second piece in the 'Death' Series...

Bedroom in the Basement

Nicole Cloutier

A ghost story.


Rachel Lawlor

A woman is having trouble with her new home. What can she do? Just a silly little piece of flash fiction. Personally, my favorite is the pillow. It's the first inanimate object to speak, making it the most absurd, and it's insulting to boot.

The Story

Alessandra Meyer

This is a story where a mother tells her youngest daughter a story about to children who end up... woops! I shouldn't be telling you that! It's a fantasy story.

Transformers Prologue

Rachel Morgan

Starts off with Atalaya, one of my main characters (I think you might like her). I am in the process of working on rewriting the story so don't be suprised when it gets changed to something completely different. The one thing that will stay the same are the characters and the plot.

The thing up there

Sebastian Meusel

A little funny, inspired by a story I stumbled upon out there in the woods. (Its a 'hygenic-problem' story *hint, grin* I think the writer will recognice this) and a remark by a stand up comedian I saw on TV. Have fun...

something lurking this way comes...

Caroline Westh

'mkay, time for some meaningless fluff, people. I wrote this at 22.01, so bear with it, if its a bit... short... and for the reccord, Anne is the best friend of Marley, the Chesire Witch.