April ]-[3L' Jones

How I got the idea for the name, I really dont know. But its about the life of a test subject. A dream one night. Strang one at that. rated so far pg. nothing serious.. until the next chapter. i'm still working on it though.

The Flying Horse

Lita Cranfill

The title pretty much self explains itself.

For King and Country - Chapter 2

Andreas Fog-Morrissette

The second chapter were the plans of the evil Gardtians are set into motion, and the Alliance Citadel Gardeth Noreth is attacked by the Vicious Nrayeth - Half-dead soldiers of Vornengardt.

In the rain

Harry Bett

This story is about a boy who likes the rain. He get's into trouble and meets a strange creature.

Love's Sonet

Iris Ayers

Oh, how love may be swept away from you even in the happest moments without warning.

Mirrored Self

Nicole Frack

This describes a girl who looks into a mirror or some other reflective device and sees that she is not as pure in heart as she would like to think....she has a dark side, and it wants to take over...9/1/03

The Awakening Ch 3 (a)

Kelly Wade

Erik's realization

When We Die?

Emily Liverman

A short poem that was written in the middle of Adv. Biology class during notetaking. How 'inspirational'! --also, I know it doesn't make any sense :P

Mr. Srovoccan’s Servants

Lauren Christine

Umm... tell me if you get it. ^_^

Inara's Dream

Patricia Ulrich

This is set further into Immortal Destiny, about 200 years later. Inara is Nikolus' new love. She has prophetic dreams, and writes them down in a dream diary. This is one of her more vivid dreams. Will it come true?


Kristie Robertson

This story began as a short school assignment and was written within the space of an hour (max.)Maybe one day I'll write an entire history of my fantasy worlds :) Don't hold your breath just yet...

Ballad of the Blue Crystal (Unfinished)


Once upon a time I thought this was the best thing I've ever written. Now it's starting to get on my nerves, though. I'm not satisfied enough with its poetic qualities to consider it a good poem, and it's too vague to be good story in verse. The rhythm is starting to annoy me too - so unpoetic, more like drums than a minstrel's voice... (If that makes any sense...) So, although it's only half-done, I think I'll completely rewrite it rather than finish it. Meanwhile, I want to share it. I'm still rather fond of it, for all the shortcomings.

Fleu du Elgoria: Prologue

Jon Bretwalda Malek

This is the intro to my full story, called 'Fleu du Elgoria: For the Love of a Princess'. The title means Life of Elgoria. I wrote this (the Prologue) after watching a program on ghosts and hautings. Its personally one of my favourites and I feel its a great way to start the story and introduce the antagonist. What do you think?

First Shadow III - Being

Pedro Soares

This is a story that Shadow tries to tell, and the cycle goes on...

A World Is Born

Elisabeth Jones

i've been playing with the idea of writing a legend type thing for ages, here's the result.


Stryker Brimmer

This is the story that for the most part started a long series of my writtings. This was one of my first decent pieces of literature. I love things like this... I always find myself forming therories about god... since I have no real strict faith of god, I always play around with these things. This story might offend a few bible thumpers.. but those people should have been warned about me already... hehehe... Note: Back when I originally uploaded this, the top few lines got chopped for some reason. It's been fixed.