Some People Believe

Sandra Johnson

This is a little short story I wrote. (A very short story) Enjoy it!

Words to Ponder

Laura Chase

Another one of my strange poems that none of my friends seem to understand. I was in a philosophical mood when this one came out.

The Hidden Rules and New Ideas

Henrik Lerdahl

Its a follow-up for my previous text, 'The First Polarity', and it describes how and why mortal beings can use magic, and how the gods came to be.


Rebecca Gow

This is a short story that arrived spontaneously, was finished within an hour and hasn't been touched since. This kind of short story is usually my best, and I'm always afraid to tamper with it when it's out, for fear of somehow ruining it. Though 'Believing' could use work, I will probably never get around to seriously revising it. The source of this story was a news program about the power of faith - discussing whether or not praying really did help a couple get pregnant and a dying woman recover from cancer. I've always believed (if you'll pardon the pun) that the human mind is more powerful than we truly realize, and got to thinking about what the power of belief could do. Does he make it? I leave the answer up to you.


Gina Nigro

When the reality is challenged by hope and illusion.. do you dare believe?

The Spirit of Wishes

Katrina Constantine

This story was inspired by a story that I read in Elfwood, called 'The God of Happiness.' That was a really good story that I recommend to anyone who can find it. (I have no idea where it is or who wrote it, but it was good.) I wrote this story in the same style as 'The God of Happiness,' but my message is different. It's really amazing, people can be offered the world if only they would believe. And yet somehow they never manage to find the faith that allows magic to happen.


Rachel Andrews

I like this poem very much, and I hope it fits in right.


K. Lesedi' Snyderman

This was a story I wrote for a friend of mine, for her fifteenth birthday. I had an idea for a small child looking for a unicorn, and substituted my black unicorn Oban for the traditional one.

*gasp* a poem that rhymes...

M Mmmmm

Sorry, generally doesn't happen, but this one kinda just came out almost complete...oh, yeah, also came with these words: Creation...Divination...Preperation...

Flies to Wanton Boys

Ross Thompson

    'Flies to Wanton Boys' is a longish kind of short story space opera, but with supernatural undertones. A couple of decades into the future, the Earth is suddenly bombarded by a huge shower of meteors that seem to originate from a vast radioactive cloud that has suddenly appeared in the Solar System. In order to investigate, the Japanese Space Agency craft Hirohito, equipped with the Yume drive- a device designed to safely accelerate the passage across space- proceeds to the area of Neptune, where the centre of the cloud is located. There, the Hirohito uncovers a floating graveyard of space-ships, of every possible shape or form, the remains of a vast space battle.      To the crew of the Hirohito, the graveyard promises the greatest scientific discovery of all time. However, to one crewman, Navigator Taro Nomura, the son of an undertaker, it is a vast mass of alien spirits, begging not to be disturbed in their final resting place. As the crew begin to explore the fallen war-machines, they find themselves suddenly possessed by the souls of a craft full of fallen telepaths, previously held in emergency storage in a vast crystaline latice within their ship. Only Nomura has the perception, and, indeed, the belief, to lead these lost alien spirits back to where they belong. Furthermore, the Hirohito is not the only craft attracted by this vast graveyard... 

Death of a Belief

Glenn G. Foley

A poem about the enslavery of all things fairy-tale

Truth's Cage (part 4)

Shawn Reed

Welcome to the darkness that stalks inside me.

Whispers On The Wind

Kristin Langlais

This is a poem I did maybe two years ago and just found it not long ago. I thought that I would post it so I hope you enjoy it. (oh and one of the words say down, but it should be done)

Angel Wings

Kirstin Linnenkoper

A young angel wishes to receive its wings, but The God of Eternal Light won't grant that wish just yet.

Celtic Visions

Erik Hunger

I wrote this about someone I believe in. This is an unusual poem for me in that literally the entire thing from start to finish was inspired. The words are based on a scene that leaped into my head with no warning and made the rest of the world go away until I'd experienced it.

Winter Sky

Simi *Muffin Queen*

All right, time for a new summary up here. Yay me? So...As Kristina so nicely summed up, evil is the ruling power in this world, and the good are struggling to carry on. The fallen stars and other despondent imageries (<<not a word) are mourning the fall of good. If, however, you think you've got another meaning, I would luff to hear it!!


Ayame Ulrich

this one is sad. It's about how few people believe in faeries.