Vixen: Part II

Collette Marette

The second part of my Vixen series. Please, comment!

Prelude to a Storm

Cornell Johnson

This story is about how my universe was created and sets the stage for The Ascenscion Chronicles: Book 1 Darkstorm on the Horizon.

In the Tiger's Eye

Dalyn Walton

This story is a combination of political intrigue/underground revolution and a month or two of a writing class. I've noticed my writing style has changed dramatically, for better or for worse I have no idea.

The Return

Jessica McCollam

Why is that bad things are followed by even worse things?

Shattered Trust

Vincent Roland

Note from me:(I'm thinking of continuing it, any suggestions?) In the Kingdom of Kiya all was at peace but that was not to say the King was good...

The Maiden Priestess

Ashley Rabon

A short poem about a maiden preistess whose magic caused her love to betray her (Well, sort of)

Exordium to the Past pt2

Phil Frederick

A continuation of Evensong's story

Troubling Discoveries: Prologue

C. Henderson

A story of one young man's journey through life that I've had rattling around in the 'ol gray matter, and I'm finally forcing myself to sit down and right it. More is forthcoming, as I can write again. Please Bear with me,and thanks.

Fall of a Sparrow (For Emily)


Romance... I've never been very good at writing it, I fear. My internal monitor has a low tolerance for it, though perhaps this simply means that I am a sap and heart and trying to fight it, who knows. Stories with 'story book romances' tend to annoy me. I do like unusual love stories, though, especially when they are only a single part of a greater tale and yet manage to hold their own. I also love the ever-so-rare and elusive platonic loves, but that has little to do with the following. This is a romance, or a piece of one at any rate. Most romances center around two people meeting and falling in love. This is a bit different. There is also a lot of background that has been left out intentionally. This makes the tale very experimental, and yet I hope it works. Critiques and suggestions are very welcome.Yes, Em, I wrote this for you. Yes, it is about the Sparrow you know. 

* Scratching Amber (for Brandi)


If anyone was wondering why, exactly, Millace is such a sarcastic jerk when he meets Securen, (no, believe it or not, it's not genetic), this is the beginning of the answer. If anyone has no idea who Millace is, I suppose it doesn't matter much. This, is for my friend Brandi, and excelent writer in her own right who has a fondness for Millace that matches even my own.Post Scriptum: Clan of the Owl, the tale in which Securen and Millace appear, is currently down for repairs. I am leaving this up because I consider it interesting in its own right, if depressing.

And in Death

Danielle Doerr

This is the prologue to a story idea i've been playing around with- It's a what if story-What if vampires existed-ruled the earth-and could withstand daylight? What if humans were only slaves and food? In my prologue i introduce the two main characters of the story, Reigne and Hannah.

Near and Far

Haley Cook

Treachery and miscommunication have the human world poised to destroy itself just as the other races decide that it is a good time to invade. Plots within plots within plots. The most basic, core plot is the story of two people who used to be in love, who happen to be caught in the middle of the craziness(but also are in a position to cause much of it.) Strict laws governing the use of magic are broken, a girl who didn't know that she was queen until her kingdom was gone, and all sorts of confusion ensue. This is actually the old version. I should have the super-edited spiffy new edition in a few weeks. The current version was written almost three years ago.

The Bird

Maria Elmindreda L

This story was inspired by one song I heard, called 'The Cry of the Bird'. A story of love, betrayal and inability to forgive...

Chosen 2 (Revised 2/18/03) NEW

Andrew Casey

A drastic plan to take the throne...and an unlikely ally fights against it.

Een'Corweai ~ What We Must

Aislynn Diago

This is a snippet from a novel I've been writing for five years. The rest is burried under plot and character development, for the moment. A bit of background information: this takes place on a planet called Een'Corweai, in the land of Kyrehk, which tends to be seen by other nations as 'evil'. Of course, no land in itself is evil, and the rest you can decide for yourself

Chapter 1 - Betrayal

Acacia Brovedani

Here's Leishandra, fully grown and a bit more grown up.

Chapter 2

Acacia Brovedani

Leishandra begins her flight away from Corin and towards something new....

Origins of the Kingdom

Tina Andersen

(Incest warning on this one...) Oh, yikes... About this story: I've worked for two years developing the world these two inhabit, and I'm actually quite proud of it. Of course there are many other countries and cultures. Just to explain, the characters are Emperor Aghanim and Princess Aghamay, both of the empire Lemania. The palace they reside in is referred to as the Golden Palace, hence the mention. Semlit is part of three-men Lord General's council, the highest authority in the military, and Elin is but a lowly cadet, the lowest rank. Elin is also the biggest creep ever, but you didn't hear that from me. :D

Endings and Beginnings

Isabelle L Davis

The tale of how Shade and Blackjack graduated from mere demon hunters to Daemonslayers. Continuity: This occurs long before Soul joins them, and also before Shade falls prey to Raven (that story is on my website, but it's a crossover/fan fiction so won't be appearing here anytime soon).

Beneath the Shadows (wrkingtitle) part 3

Samantha James

Chapter 3. enjoy