Kenta's Bio

Frankie Price

This is Kenta's Bio who I basically based off of myself with some tweaks. If your wonderin' how the year is pronounced it is 8th year of the 2nd era. 2-008. Another example 5-678, 678th year of the 5th era. Special times are as follows; 10-999, 999th year of the Final Hour. After 10 eras have elapsed the time restarts back at 0-001, 1st year of the New World.

Chandler's Boy

Sean Daily

Starships meet stunted minds and bigotry meets biotech deep in the heart of Texas.

Bio: Rafael Griffin

Rachel White this is Rafe's bio. I wrote this really fast, so it probably has a million and four grammer errors, as I did not think about it much as i wrote it down. Rafe's from a story of mine, about a werewolf pack. I considered publishing it, as I like Rafe abunch, but I decided not to since I'm lazy and hardly ever write D A R K. Rafe's story will just have to stay put in my mind unless people really really really want me to publish it.

Silver: part 6

Jenny Olivera

I think this is the shortest part so far - but don't let that fool you, important stuff happens here! As usual, for the unedited version, visit my personal library.

Gal'lor bio part 1

Todd Western

Gal'lor Earthbone is a dwarf character of mine that i have used in video games and in table top rpg's for a long time. I am also writing a book and he will beĀ in it to help an elf on his quest. I like Gal'lor and I would like to tell people of his story. A story of a dwarf that had a hard life but never gave up.