The Mole Who Could Fly

Elizabeth Hartwick

This story I wrote for Chemistry of all classes! The story is about a talking mole who experiences something extraordinary

They Cried Witch

Heather Nicholson

There was a picture I stumbled across once, never to find again with the same title as this. The phrase/title just kept running through my head until I just had to write...SOMETHING!

Shadow Cell

Brianne Hughes

This is a story that has a really bad title. I just finished revising it so any LoP words used are defined. I actually made up the Language of Power(really corny name, I know) one boring day at school with my friends. This story is to all my dear mims and trooms waaay out there in Cenimo but mostly to one friend in particular. She is the co-founder of the LoP and she has a picture or two in my art gallery. Lov ya Becka Bex!

Nature's Party

Silvia Fuechsel

A short poem I wrote last year for English. For class I had to edit out the magic components, but I've readded them. This poem represents my anger at the world for the destruction of Nature by humans.

The Kallian Swallow

Tina Andersen

Okay, backstory goes that, basically, Leman conquered Yanimara's homeland, and for rather political reasons forced her into marriage by slaughtering a village for each day she said no. Worked like a charm, no? ;) Incidentally, Leman and Yanimara are the ancestors of Aghamay and Aghanim from my story 'Origins of the Kingdom'.


Christopher Brackin

This is a poem I wrote for my writings groups anthology. I had a a really strange recurring dream for about a week and I based the poem entirely on that. I can't say what the dream was, as it'll give too much away! :P This poem has two meanings: 1 is easily found when reading it, the other is hidden beneath the words. ^^ One's happy, the other sad. (This wasn't entirely the structure I originally had, but i struggled with the html format, as I'd never done it before.. sorry!!!) Hope you like it!... :)

Nature's Song

Mak Shi

This is a poem I have just written involving song, nature and using a fantasy writing style

What's Your Lucky Number? Six? You Lose! (4)

Cly Novak

This is chapter 4. Cyobin meets the love of her life.

The Forgotten Lark (Poem)

Matthew Walker

My personal favorite of all my poem's so far, I wrote this during a period of my life when I was depressed. (I didn't realize it at the time, but a few years later, it surfaced) The imagery is still /very/ powerful for me.


Ruth Petroff

i was very much awake when i wrote this in the middle of the night. i'm not sure where the idea came from, except that lately i have been wondering what human reactions are to extreme events. i hope to do several short pieces to illustrate my ideas.

Sun Circles- Chapter 1

Jamie McIntyre

The Guardians choose who they will to protect, but for a price. The price is painful to pay when it is your voice, and it rips away everything you hold dear. A girl can only hope to survive in a world such as her own...


Rebecca Morgan

Ummm, as I told J. Atlas Burke, I never thought I would write a story like this one, so I went and wrote one anyway. I'm not sure if I particularly like it, but I withhold my judgement, and you can tell me what you think. (one page, finished.)(I think)

Mystic Land

Sarah Sparks

A poem about the land of the unicorn.

You Can't Fly (Formly known as Kristen) part 01

Samantha Fortier

Yet again, I couldn't resist using my Kristen story for a writing class, but I think this is strong and starts out a little different than the original draft. I like how it turned out so much that, I am putting it up. There is for the first time (shock) some interaction between Amolas and his mother, and I feel it is an interesting scene though it might need some strengthening and such. Any way sit back and enjoy. Let me know what you guys think.

Dragon's Sea (song)

D. Hendrikson

Dragons can feel joy as well as anger. Simple things, such as a flight across the water on a sunny day, will please them immensely. Anyway, I wrote this in reply to my mom’s comments on how all my poetry was dark and depressing. I’d like any suggestions on it, especially regarding word use and synonyms.

Chapter 19

Opal Parkison

Someone shoots Umerin down... No, that isn't good.

Avian Equal Rights???

Heather Nicholson

ask anyone I chat with frequently, I'm a member/president in about every mock on-line campaign imaginable! I founded the short lived 'save the dwarves campaign'. I'm leader of the frog rebellion. I'm also a priestess to the Mt. Dew God (bow before the glory of caffine!!!) but today it's avian equal rights, I *do* go by a bunch of bird names after all!

Warra-Wirri's Wings


A supernatural Australian story. billabong-- waterhole nulla nulla-- an aboriginal throwing weapon

The Rookery

Risiart Lloyd

Was feeling moody, so wrote. Have to say, I like it.

A Song For Nature (poem)

Regina Rotshtein

This isn't exactly a great work of poetry, but it's the only poem of mine that counts as fantasy.