Derek Shore

I was told to write my spiritual journey for a class this year. We were to write our own personal myth. This was mine.

Shaft of Light

Juan III

A very short story about the birth of something amazing. Past and present tense tend to intermingle like oil twining through water. Unique, though flawed, but I prefer to keep it the way it is.

Untitled - chapters 1 and 2

Justin Krueger

This is a story based of a friends ucharacter, in his universe. He's a bloody awesome writer, and has written so much more stuff that is so much better. Stephen Rahmann Check it out

I Sit and Cry

Rhonda Jezek

Inspired by this beautiful silver ring I have with peaches and leaves and the moon on it. Also inspired by the rather earth-shattering thought that my body is capable of bearing children. Can you believe that? In my body! A teeny tiny thing that looks like a fish.. And not just me, every woman on the planet! Isn't that strange?

The Legend of Blade: The Birth - Prologue

Josh Boo' Walls

This is my first original novel/book/story/whatever you wanna call it. I wrote it to go along with my pictures, well actually I drew Blade and Gala and the other people and creatures from here as an inspirational thing. So this is what started it all. I hope you enjoy it. I'll put it up here in chapters in at a time if someone asks me to do so. Enjoy. PLEASE COMMENT!

Cast Me Gently

Lindsay Verde

This is an old one but still a good one in my opinion so it's survived another cleaning purge :)Posted April 2007.This idea was inspired/written to the music of Sarah McLachlan, and the drawing Reflections by Karl ‘Angel’ Lines. My links aren't working in the story intros, so look for the link on my main page. All italicized parts are from the song ‘Answer’ by Sarah McLachlan (with the exception of the first two, which are from her song ‘Shelter.’ All copyright to those lyrics goes to Sarah McLachlan. I strongly suggest that you listen to ‘Answer’ while reading this, as it will give the piece a greater depth and add more feeling to it, as it was meant to be read. If any part of it is unclear, please let me know. This is my first time trying this and it was written in an hour, so I hope it comes out ok. Oh, and the italics, incase you don't catch this as you go, are meant to be the thoughts of the angel. This is for Stephanie Rennolds for her comment prize from waaay back when. Sorry it has taken me this long to get one up for you dear!Project Status: Complete

Vampiric Birth

Amy Murrpau' Chonko

this piece in my eyes shows the reality of what it would be like to be changed into a vampire. the physical body dies so, therefore, does the soul. With the body's death they begin to crave blood(the darker undertone) and then in the end it comes to their realisation. You can't escape it, just embrase it and keep 'living'.

Earth Bound: Birth

Anna Mortensen

*notice this story and its subsequent parts have spoilers for the Pheonix Cycle* Now considering that it it isn't written, I doubt anyone will care. Those who have read both Blue Skies and Bridges may have a much better understanding of what's going on. This should also answer a few questions from both of those stories. This is the first part of Cale's story. Beginning here with his birth, it should go on in subsequent sections until his twelth year. For Sadia, Joelle and Becca... Whom will have to settle for a few crumbs...


Jacqueline Tanner

This is kind of written like a prolouge as its not quite a story. Though i am not sure what i want to do with it nor if it makes sense quite yet. I would love to hear opinions on it... it was all written in one go too which was great.

Untitled (Aren's story)


I wrote this story called Your Destiny Shall Unite Worlds. It recieved such a great reaction that I decided to turn it into a trilogy called The Mage Trilogy. This is the first one, about the main character in Destiny's father, Aren. I'm probably going to upload this as it's going along... see what people think of how the story's coming along.

Two Sides of a Sword

Livia Hammond

This is the first chapter in my story and introduces all the main characters.

A Question

Liz Riza

A voice said, look me in the stars/ And tell me, men of Earth,/ If all the soul-and-body scars/ Were not too much to pay for birth./ -Robert Frost This 'story' was derived from that poem. It made me wonder if there WAS a decision before birth and then I got to thinking...I remember more bad experiences than good ones, enen though I know there really were more good things. Is that just how life IS? Those experiences, those soul-and-body scars, weigh down on you your entire life. Obviously, Frost is asking the reader if the benenfits of life outweigh the detriments. they?

Seasons Clash

Melany Peterson

This is the prolouge of what will hopefully become a full story over time, in which the main character is born in contreversial times and her faery parents fight about what to do with her.

The Fall of Ragnrock

Delease Strike' Webb

This is the second chapter in the poetic story of Ragnrocks reign over earth... so yeah... enjoy


Rebekah Spake

Sixth in my Vampire Series

The Snow

Rebekah Spake

Sequal to 'the hunt'

Unholy Birth

Randell Embs

Read Genesis chapter six for more information.

Birth Day

Noor Khouraki

A poem about the birthday. Hope you like it!

Child of the Winds 1

Yelitza Vélez

The 'Child of the Wind' stories are about Tirana Ki, the youngest of the * Clan Sisters of Terra, Ruler of the Highland Domain, Windrider and Lady of the Winds. The first part of this story tells of her birth... This story takes place in the modern fantasy world of Terra, and it's part of the 'Dreamscapes' series.


Corianne Wilson

The day outside of the year is one frought with danger and peril, especially for those in a liminal state. When a child is born on this day, it will ether be blessed or cursed. This is the story of such a birth. I have some rough ideas for a story involving the baby in perhaps twelve years time, and when they get filled out, I will probably post them