Hidden Misery Part 1

Virginia Adams

This is the first part in a short story I'm writing. It's the first time I've ever attempted a fantasy short story, so I fear it's not very good. (I finally fixed the html, yay)

What to Get the Fairytale Princess With Everything

sarah-amy haley

You would expect the fairytale princess lifestyle - constantly being lavished with gifts, having your every whim tended to - could easily lead to bratish behaviour…You would be right…

TMotSC Chapter 6- Robyn

Miss Tubbs

This was the second or third chapter of my story, but i moved it to sixth. lol... and it will most likely be pushed back again to chapter 8, but for now, it is chapter 6. lol... This is prolly the most important chapter yet, because it introduces the *main* plot, the reason it's named TMotSC, and lots of other complications to the story.It also needs the most work, so give me some editing tips!! Leave me cmments!!

Makeshift Myth

Darcy Abram

Makeshift Myth inherits a funeral home from her father. And spooky things happen.

Chapter 1 of dragon rider(changed book name)

Jennifer Newby

hi! this is chapter one, it is about a 18 yr old female elf princess who gets an unusual birthday present

Facets - Chapter Four

Amy Stewart

Warning: This chapter contains violence and emotions (as odd as that sounds!) that may be disturbing to some readers. Chapter Four for the most part deals with emotional disturbance. If I've written it succesfully you will be able to see several changes in Desana that will linger on with her throughout more of the story. Please comment, whether positive or negative.

Angry Lightning

Joshua Bacon

Short bit of fantasy. It ties into the rest of my story somehow... Dream sequence maybe? Kinda Dark tho'

Loch Lomond

Erin McLaughlin

My writing group’s weekly challenge was: write a story entitled “The Pipes” So I immediately think bagpipes. My favourite bagpipe song is “Loch Lomond,” so I wrote a story about that. I think this qualifies it as my first song fic.

The Gift

Justin Krueger

This is a story I wrote for my Mum's birthday. The events on this stories are meant to reflect how I feel towards my mother. Cast - the female 'Mum' the first wisp, her husband 'Al, my step father' the senond wisp 'Me' the third wisp 'Aden, my brother' the fourth wisp 'Aja, family dog'

A Birthday Story

Danielle Agar

This is a story I wrote for my best friend's birthday. I had intended it to be part of an ongoing saga, but as with all good intentions... I think there's a Christmas chapter around somehwere. I wonder where that went...


Lauren Blewett

A story I wrote for a school project a couple of years ago, and came across the other day. I probably need to revise it yet again, but I'd like some input on it before I do. Not that great at writing scary stuff, pointers anybody? Please? Summary: Two girls. Friday the Thirteenth. Glass Bottles. Hell.

The Dragon Stone - Chapter 4

Erin Card

A grandmother's inheritance turns out to be much more in the realm of Tamant: Chapter 3.

Birth Day

Noor Khouraki

A poem about the birthday. Hope you like it!


Corianne Wilson

The day outside of the year is one frought with danger and peril, especially for those in a liminal state. When a child is born on this day, it will ether be blessed or cursed. This is the story of such a birth. I have some rough ideas for a story involving the baby in perhaps twelve years time, and when they get filled out, I will probably post them

Teyla's Story

Emily Ramos

Just a short background story to a character for a book I hope to someday finish. Therefore I know it's pretty undeveloped because the developement comes in the actual story. I haven't decided yet if I want to include this at the begining of that story or leave Teyla's origins mysterious.

Poem Of A Storm

Samantha Papworth

They say on the Queens birthday, one is to celebrate. Though this one time no one cheered.

Happy Birthday

Jeremy Williams

Another flash done for the monthly challenge at Scribe's Board. Personally, I like this one better than the resolution story.

Rite of Faerie Age

Rochelle Watts

Behind my childhood home is a park. And in the park is a tree that was picked out for each member of my family. Mine is this pretty olive tree. And no, I never grew taller than my tree.

Magic Trouble chapter 1.2

Karel de Graaff

Karel his first morning as a 16 year old boy

I: Pretty Monsters

S.L. Minton

Fledgling Chronicles I