Lazarus Lycidas, Chapter 3

Yves Jacques

Lazarus Lycidas, Chapter 5

Yves Jacques

Children of the Great Eclipse

Yves Jacques

All I'll say is that I'd been reading an awful lot of Tanith Lee, and that the main character does not represent me. :)

Chapter 3- Striker and his Gang

Brienna Critchfield

Now, back to the section about Larae. Now she encounters this guy named Striker. He looks like a bishonen (pretty boy) but he isn't all what he seems


Matthew Owens

This is something I felt like writing because of some things I would like to do, and because of most of my new feelings about males. Don't accuse me of using foul language in this story, because I use the word queer meaning, 'strange' and other archaic meanings of words....

Lazarus Lycidas, Chapter 4

Yves Jacques

Lazarus Lycidas, Chapter 6

Yves Jacques

This is the dodgy did-I-censor-it-enough chapter.

Eventide and Twilight

Reyna Burke

Eventide and Twilight started as a word play for me. Just a way to get some expressive/creative writing out of my head. It ended up turning into an obsession for me, and a kind of tragic romance and waltz of ultimate ideals. Death, life, sun, shadow, love, hate, etc.

Lazarus Lycidas, Chapter 1

Yves Jacques

A vampire called Juno tells the story of her one heterosexual love affair. If you think you like utterly fragile, utterly helpless, utterly messed-up boys, this story will test how extreme your tastes really are :) Juno was huge fun to write... This is the only story I had to censor for Elfwood - I hope I've got the balance right and nobody is too shocked or too disappointed. Just don't read it if you have a problem with lyrical descriptions of blood-drinking or the word 'damn' :)

Lazarus Lycidas, Chapter 7

Yves Jacques

Lazarus Lycidas, Chapter Ten

Yves Jacques

Eventide and Twilight: Chapter Two

Reyna Burke

Chapter Two of Eventide and Twilight

Eventide and Twilight: Chapter Four

Reyna Burke

Chapter Four of Eventide and Twilight

Blood and Tears (Part 2)

Rachel Gogan

Part Two =)

Lazarus Lycidas, Chapter 2

Yves Jacques

Lazarus Lycidas, Chapter 8

Yves Jacques

Eventide and Twilight: Chapter Three

Reyna Burke

Chapter Three of Eventide and Twilight

Lord Rylos Deridian

Crystal Wilford

A Dark Sorcerer of Dragonic Blood, called the Demon Lord, finds his Nightmare Castle unbearable and seeks release. His love, a being with Angelic appearance, unexpectedly encounters him...upon the last day of his life...or so it would seem. !WARNING! This is a Yaoi-Based story...Yaoi meaning guy-guy relationship, but nothing too bad happens. This was written for a friend.

Lazarus Lycidas, Chapter 9

Yves Jacques

This chapter got deleted because of foul language, and is now back in a cleaned-up version... I'm afraid there will be a few asterisks, as I couldn't find a satisfactory synonym for b*****d.