Gods Don't Bleed - Chap. VI

Camille Lecointre

The sixth chapter of Gods Don't Bleed, where Arthur and Teigra finally make their way to the naga lands.

Gods Don't Bleed - Chapter I

Camille Lecointre

Arthur leads a peaceful life as the stable master for Silmar castle, a job he loves and which allows him to be tired enough to sleep soundly at night. When the determined, somewhat rude, persistent and obnoxious Teigra barges into his life in the most unconventional way, Arthur finds himself dragged along all over the country in the search for the solution to a problem yet unknown.-----First chapter of this story. Feel free to comment with any mistakes or incoherences you may find. I am not a born English-speaker, so some sentences might have a wonky syntax!

Gods Don't Bleed - Chap. VIII

Camille Lecointre

Arthur and Teigra have finally found the third God Vessel, Sepsanna, and are headed towards the discovery of the Fourth.


M Mmmmm

...there is no magick in the blood such as there is no magick in my words...

The War Machine -- Section 1

Brittany Zayas

This is Section 1 of a 3-Section story that was originally meant to be a short story. It was inspired by a line in Stephen Crane's 'The Red Badge of Courage', where he describes the War as a machine that spits out dead men. That got my sick mind thinking, and this is the product of the thought. It's mostly a 'dark future' sort of story that takes place in a Factory, and focuses on a Worker named Mi'an who is fascinated/sickened by the War Machine, an actual Machine that men enter in hopes of being a hero, then fall out dead ten seconds later. It's not technically an anti-war story, but someone could take it that way I guess. It really isn't any sort of political thing...There is a point I'm trying to get across however, and if one reads the entire story, one will probably see it. (I hope it isn't too violent for Elfwood.)


L. Gilliam

I wrote this when I was staring down at my hands, looking at all the tiny chips and cracks in my day-old fingernail polish, watching the blood collect in a little droplet on my plam.

Flower God (Poem)

Sue Kim

This was written as an assignment for my creative writing group. The fun part is that every word had to come from Magnetic Poetry kits!It's written in a vampiric sort of sense...

Gods Don't Bleed - Chap. V

Camille Lecointre

The fifth chapter of Gods Don't Bleed. Finally some action!

Gods Don't Bleed - Chap. II

Camille Lecointre

The second chapter of Gods Don't Bleed. Goodness me, Mod's Choice! Thank you :)

Gods Don't Bleed - Chap. IV

Camille Lecointre

The fourth chapter of Gods Don't Bleed.

Gods Don't Bleed - Chap. III

Camille Lecointre

The third chapter of Gods Don't Bleed.

Gods Don't Bleed - Chap. VII

Camille Lecointre

Arthur and Teigra reach the naga - and the Third God Vessel.

Wait and Bleed

Kathryn Castle

Vampyric to some. Just plain weird to others. Make what you want of this, I wrote it randomly. Only I will ever know the truth, mwahahaaaaaaa *choke*

From the dragon I run

Georgina Gilbert

The King's Bite

Emilie Katter

Does she live? does she die? I dunno...can't tell you here because everyone will read this first and I'll give away half the story and then people will get mad and....ok I'll stop now... ^.^

Amour de la Dernière Heure

Brittany Dulay

A poem with a romantic view of death. The commonly heard phrase, 'I love you to death' is questioned here. Why must death break the strands of love?

Night within a Day

Shaun Ingamells

Tis the poem of the fall of one of the angelic as her love for a mortal surfaces but then the fall when he is stolen from her forever...