Three Visually Challenged Rodents: Another Nursery Rhyme Story

Erin Luce

In searching for accurate lyrics to the nursery rhyme, 'Three Blind Mice', I came across a website which gave not only lyrics, but also historical origins of this and quite a few other nursery rhymes. Apparently this rhyme refers to three rebellious nobles (the mice) who were burned at the stake by the queen (the farmer's wife). I can't help but wonder why small children would want to hear about such things as a nursery rhyme, so I have come up with a story behind the rhyme that hopefully is somewhat more pleasant, although I did take inspiration from the whole fire idea.

Chosen I - The First to Live

Sophia Rose Dique

This is the first in a series of poems; A bit of mystery, a bit of horror - lets see what we can do with it.

Godhunter Part XI: Chances

Jake Diebolt

The Godhunter and Imril have reached the shores of the Bast Sea. While the Godhunter plans his next move against the Sky Lords, Arin and the Dirge move ever closer, the seer Casia guiding them. I apologize for the lateness of this one. Computer crash and schoolwork formed an unholy alliance against my once-a-month timetable.

Fleeing From Dragons

Robyn Petrik

I wrote this poem about modern poet Karen Connelly. She had a tough life growing up, represented here by the dragons. She's got great stuff, check her out sometime ^_^

Death's Rendition

Cayley Adams

Death is a creature blind as the night, with dark hooded features and masked to our sight.

Mercy and Merciless

Emily Karnes

An excerpt from my novel--hopefully finished within the year--Emerald Fire. The main character has certain impairments, to avoid spoilers...this is how she got them. Please, don't copy any names or original concepts. ('Therian' is mine! No! Off-limits! *makes little x with fingers* ...Please?)

The Six Cities - Litheillien (Prologue)

courtney Pulnik

A journey into the post apocolyptic world where six cities strive to rebuild from the destruction wreaked generations ago by eight mad sorcerors.

Chapter 3

Opal Parkison

The Kairin Children are missing....

Awakened to darkness

Elizabeth Kretzschmar

Sorry, tis short. I omitted the last few paragraphs of this because it made it...personal..Anyways...this started out to be the ranting of my character Lakara after she had her eyes burned changed as it went along....ponder this after you read it....Figurative or literal?

The Killer Smile

J. Shively

My friend told me that this kid's last name was Kielsmier. He called himself the 'Killer smile.' Silly me, I thought she meant a smile that killed people. She tried to correct me, but too late! This came out.

Cursèd Land chapter 2

Robert Béland

second chapter of Cursèd Land where Bevan and Derr rescue a prisonner

Fallen Angels (03)

Vicki Leady

Third chapter of 'Fallen Angels.' Crew and captain are in a bit of a pickle and must make do.

The Seer's Garden*

Stephanie Rennolds

This is a short story, magic-related. :) I like it, simple as it is. UPDATED: I have edited.


Melissa Canaway

Needs a lot of work, obviously, but it's the beginning of a set of myths in a world I'm working on. Don't know what I'm gonna do with the world once I'm finished....but I want to work them into a larger story. Eventually. In the meantime, I'm just having fun messing around with making up legends:DPlease critique!

The Blind Man of Taresun

Jessica Barnes

Oookay... I went a little weird on this one. A bit reminiscent of the fairy-tale spoofs I used to do - and about as random. It's good for a laugh, anyway. ^^

Reach Back

Carrie Baize

Lyrics for a song that I've only sort of written... there are chords around somewhere for this piece, and the tune is in my head... :-) Anyway... this is a call for people to slow down and use some good, old fashioned, common sense for a change...


E. Aust

This is a rather odd story i just wrote one day. It's not my best but i like it.

Motone (BlackJack's Origin)

E. Hanna

This one's dedicated to an old buddy, Camilla 'Motone' Whitney. It takes me a while, but I told you you'd get your own story.

Given Words

Anna Mortensen

This is another glimpse into The Phoenix Cycle. It is more open plotted than Dark Salvation. Again, the main connection is the King of Balsar. Who, if you haven't figured it out, is primo bad guy #1. Well, at least it looks that way...who knows really... The primary objective of this story was to introduce Dashiva, an extremely important character. If you click her name you'll see the image my dear friend Sadia drew. Revised slightly 8/9/04.

239,000 Miles

Lorilei Jackson

The only criticism I've gotten on this story, so far, is that it takes the risk of sounding pretentious and overdone. That criticism was received from my father. I highly value his opinion and understand his point of view. Nevertheless, I felt that the story needed to told with the descriptive words. It felt right to me...