On writers Block

Lynton Farr

A litte doggrel - For days when nothing happens.

Writers Block

Risiart Lloyd

A poem about a poor bard (who shares many real life problems to myself) who can't get his songs to work!

The Scream

Shuo Chen

An inhuman, supernatural scream that you can't block out.

Combating the Beast

Xander Brown

A tribute to Simone, Emily, Gardner, and all those other countless casualties to this fearsome menace that strangely enough, inspired me.

To Be a Musing

J Taylor

The creature is mentioned all the time at Elfwood...but what exactly is a muse? What does a muse do and what does it do when it is not weaving its typical inspiration?

Tidbit of Trouble

Casie Baker

A cute little story about a girl who stumbles upon a faerie.

No More Words

Shuo Chen

Written to help me overcome a writer's block.

The Troubles of a Scribe

Chris Poole

I guess these are just poems I wrote yesterday when I had writers block.

Against the Flow

Xander Brown

(Also 'Beyond the Beast'.) Hey all concerned. This is the unofficial after series of my mod's story 'Combating the Beast'. Enjoy. By Order.

Writer Block

Aurora Nightreader

I was at school, had not written anything that year (4th January, but still) nor for a long time before that. My first writer block. I wanted to write something I could remember as my first thing written this year. I thought for what seemed like forever and then I figured it out. Why not just write about someone who cant write? And that is what I did. At first it was supposed to be a poem without any rime or anything like that but then the rime just came into it. Im horrible at poems, I know that, but this one was special enough to me to put it up here for being my first writing in the year 2007.


Matthew Akers

This piece was meant to be a study in dialogue, a skill I had failed to pick up in my writing ability in the past. By the time it was done I had re-read the entire first act of Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot in order to keep my tone right. This work could well be described as a twisted Absurdist work. Oh, and nothing that happens is accidental.

Writer's Block

Melisa Sriwulandari

Just some help from the Inspirations World...

Selkie on the Block

Sarah Cuypers

While keeping watch at night over the seals of the local sea life centre, Jeremy finds out there's more than just fur and flippers to his residents.Originally written and accepted in the EMG-zine of March 2009.   

HyperViolet - 1 - 23.12

Jeremy Pierce

I'm going through the first 3 chapters and completely rewriting them - this is the first of those rewrites. It's faster moving, and explains less at the beginning - leaving it for later on. Enjoy!


Ruth Petroff

prayer? plea?

Writer's Block

Hillary Kent

I don't know about you, but just about everything I write down looks kind of like this until I can work up the courage to beat it into somehting resembling a good poem and/or story.  Ah, the trials of writing!  It never ends...

Sleeping Beauty

Anna Panda' Simmons

This was written in my poetry class as a new take on an old story... inspiration for this came from stories by Francesca Lia Block.