Prison Camp

Samuel Lopez

This is a short story with the same character as in 'The Cross'

Seth's Battle (short story)

D. Hendrikson

Seth, the Shadow-born hero of the Fourth War, faces the demons of his bloodline in one final battle.

Bloody Sunday

Stevie Bush

This was inspired by a couple U2 songs (one of the most heart felt, inspirational and brilliant bands ever . . . their older stuff at least. Not too crazy about the newer bubblegum feel of their most recent album) although the over all mood I want to portray is a little more macabre and depressing. Sunday Bloody Sunday, Staring at the Sun, In God's Country, and Last Night on Earth are all songs that displayed what this short (unfinished, mind you) story is about. I hope you like what I have so far . . . please leave some comments, I'd love to read them.

Mirror Mirror

Heather Fairbairn

Elena and her friends find out just what happens when you play with forces that shouldn't be reconed with.


Collette Marette

An updated version of a story I had up here. It's about a piece of the life of a character I created, and may become part of a longer story. Please let me know what you think.

Wolf Blood Chap. 1

Maureen Frykberg

The first encounter with living humans and Wolves. And the first taste of steel and bodily pain.

Conversations with the Muse IV 'Ending'

Maeve Leonard

Hm. I didn't realize I only had one more chapter in the CWM series. The assignment was that we had to write an 'analytical' piece, answering the question 'Is writing art?' (The class was called 'the art of writing', of course.)But I decided to continue with my muse theme, and wrote this instead. My teacher was so taken with my muse, that she didn't care. I got an A++ on my portfolio. This is the ending. ...I have come to terms with my art. But are the consquences worth it? This is The End.

Something in the closet

Emily Kirsch

Ever wonder if you weren't really just imagining?

Borgir, chapter 4

Jasper Coucke

Falling down in the dark woods of hell

An essay on the Skenthre

Rainelle Tiffany

Something I started a while ago but didn't finish... The Skenthre is entierly of my own creation, made to go into a story i'm writing. I even drew a picture of it.

*The Unreal is real*

Julie Lebeau

I don't believe this anymore... or at least I try!

Wolfrunner: Chap 05 End

Jessica Cannon

It all ends, in one bloody battle with Vladimir to gain Danse's freedom. If enough people read and likey, I write more, but I doubt it.


Daniela Doyne

Sometimes, just sometimes . . . I get the urge to mess up concepts about angels. I have developed a habit for it. Amusing . . . really.

True Sight - Chapter 5

Ramona Bogott

Jared has a run in with a very angry Corin and get's beaten badly!

the demons eye

Katherine Ruff

the beginning of a bonechilling, heart warming, revenge, adventure story (and oh yeah its a little bloody

pillars - Chapter 1

Matt Strange

This was writen about 5 years ago and is about a life journey. It rather interesting and you would probably notice my interest in Gemmell while reading it. If you like this let me know and i will publish the other 6 chapters.

The Labyrinthine Forest

Kat Clements

A guilt-ridden knight on a quest, a mysterious lady who knows his past, and a dark labyrinth of restless spirits.....

Disturbing Discovery

Amanda Fisher

A girl finds something that will haunt her for the rest of her life.

a strange poem

Colleen Prinssen

acctually, it's a poem about forcing changing apon ones self, obliverating the old you and making a faux new one i think