Crimson chapter 19

Alyssa Green

Yay! Almost at twenty! Which means- almost done! Probably only about eight chapters left. So yeah, before you read on, this ones a bit more violent/gory than my other chapters. Nothing too bad, not to worry, but since this is elfwood and all.... So, I hope you like the chapter!

Open eyed

Sasha McGee

This is my first real attempt at anything approaching a horror story. Fishermen pull a body from the water and bring her to their island. She is buried and for a while everything seems fine, but then people start to die

Easy Come, Easy Go II

Adam Carter

I wrote this on the train yesterday. I don't really have any idea where the story's going. I'll just write and write and we'll all find out what happens.

A Trillion Nodes for Emily, and She Wanted to be Me

Sarah Barton

A mysterious red-headed woman walks down a long corridor of frozen coffins, as a helpless prisoner of war watches, paralyzed, from within.

The Truth and Lies of a Body in the Snow

Laura Engler

One of my favourites; If there's anything I've ever written that I truly feel the need to revise until it's bleeding, so I can send it in to a literary magazine, this is it. A simple modern fantasy/magical realism of young girl who may or may not be delusional. I'd really like feedback here on a few certain aspects: Does the story present itself well enough? Is the ending confusing? How might I be able to give more of the other characters, particularly Alice's siblings, in a sutble way that won't take you away from the story to describe them? Things like that. I really would like to get this story to be the best it can, but I need your help. Update: August 25, 2004: Fixed the small errors comments, they have been so valuable!), as well, a touched up the ending a bit more, hoping to add some clarity, as well as mentioning a few minor, subtle details at the age of the characters.

Twenty Pounds Lighter

Brishen Marlow

Inspired by 'The Monkey's Paw' and health class.

Untitled Riddle of a Poem

George Chang

Again this is untitled...this was taken off from my english playlet script when I found out the this would be too intriguing for those taiwanese judges to after being taken off, I had it changed a bit, and I'm thinking now if I should to put it into my book...(perhaps I will)


Natalie Rousseau



Manda Maggs

Dedicated to Robert Budde my creative writing prof who encouraged writing in different styles, and Nalo Hopkinson for her talent.


Jeronimo Brito

three kids, one story, no end!

Fallen words

Kai Slettebø

A poem like this has a bigger meaning than just the words written. This poem is about a fighter’s last feelings and thoughts as he falls to a poison dagger of an assassin, regrets his way of life, and never being able to speak to his love again. Hm.. Well actually its not, but it could be! I's more a part of my own life story and an imagery projection of my reactions, in a part of my life that I often recall and wonder about. Would you like to know the actual story behind it? Or maybe you'd like to guess, maybe you'd like to just be left wondering.

Hush, hush demons

Simone v.d. Kaaij

Why can't the demons just shut up??

Escaping the Ghoul

Simone v.d. Kaaij

I am running from the Ghoul but victory will be his and so I'll be doomed...

dragonfly lust

Frank x) Harris

Personally, i'd rather not describe this one. ^,^


Jennie Seay

This is an older story I wrote in high school. A futurist visited our class and did a demo/talk thingy. One of the things I remember was that he said that the information in a human mind would fill up four terabytes of memory (I quintupled it just to be safe). That got me thinking. I've always had this fear that when I go to sleep, it's not me that wakes up. This is kinda based on that. I dunno, read it and tell me what you think.

The Water In The Well Chapter 6: The Throne Room

Tom Shine

short chapter describing what happens when Ellen and co. arrive in Tare

Kiss of the Night

Amy Williams

To have lusted and lost with the aid of potent seduction. Sorcery and moonlight...a werewolf favorite. A bit rough around the edges... Written in 1999.


T. Laren

A little spy drinks a big drink.