Changed Ones- Prologue

Stephanie Maynard

Yes I am aware that this is horribly like X-Men, but that was not my intent. Actully come to think of it, I'm not even sure what my intent was. Let me think on it ::6 hours later:: Nope, still not sure where it came from. This is my first attempt at Urban Fantasy; tips and pointers are greatly appreticated. ;)

Never Look Back 1.2

Charles Trowbridge

Chapter two of three in the story. Yeah, i know i write short chapters. I do alot of untraditional things.

Days of Darkness Part B

Janice Holitzki

Part 2 of the eciting story featuring Mikhail and crew. Stay tooned next week for the exciting conclusion. The story's are lables A, B, C ect. so that there in order on the scoll.

Snapshot of My World

Jonelle Edwards

A story written for my Senior English class. It's a little snapshot of the life of Allena Dartin, the main character in the Hunt for the Arcea Stone series.

Private: First Class

Joshua Price

This is the second of five short stories I had to write for my Creative Writing Workshop class. Our teacher asked us to try something we normally don't use, like a different perspective, voice, etc. I never use the first person except when writing about myself, so that was my different thing. And let me tell you, first person voice is weird. I don't feel like I'm writing the story, but what someone else tells me, word for word. And I kept catching myself using third person while writing this, so I'd have to go back and rewrite segments. So, I think I'll stick with third, much easier and more versatile for me. I don't know how I feel about this story (or STILL how anyone else does, for that matter). I am very unfamiliar with first person, since coincidentally, almost everything I read is in third person, and I don't do that purposefully. So, I can't figure out how to compare it to my other stories. I guess I'll just let readers tell me how it stacks up. Update: 5/6/07 It turned out to be required to revise every we wrote piece in my writing class. So, I had to make some changes here. This one sees mostly corrections, clarifications, and some slight rewordings, nothing major.

Heroes for Hire

Bill Allen

Intro to James, member 3, and all around psycho

The Hat

Vicki Nemeth

Inspired by Bifrost's 'Mad Hatters On Parade'. At first, I thought it was too low quality to put here or to add to Bifrost. I should know better. It's not like this is an elitist twit gallery. I should have submitted this to them when I had the chance. Now I just want to have something else up here. I wrote this after weeks of trying to come up with something to give Bifrost. Finally, after pulling an all nighter, I blurted it out before dragging myself to bed. That evening, I posted it on WritersCo, parading 'sleep deprivation' as a helpful writing exercise. Written on May 30, 2006. Note for Mods: My previous upload of this story had a bug regarding my use of no-break spaces. I've since removed those.

Ellen and Brian

Aaron Kuhn

This is a story that I wrote while eating macaroni and cheese.

Days of Darkness Part C

Janice Holitzki

The breathtaking and aweinspiring conclusion to Days of Darkness. Ohh... Ahhh... Wow... Please leave comments. Please?

Genesis Vault: at Center City

Ashley Wynn

Weapons of Mass Destruction have reduced the world as we know it to a barren wasteland. America's largest cities stand empty, except for the long-rotted corpses of the citizens that died there, infected by genetically altered plague strains. Other cities were ground zero for nuclear warheads. Domesticated animal populations were also wiped out; others became wild or feral. Always, there are survivors. Nearly a generation and a half after the Apocalypse, life in the US has degerated to a new weird and wild western world. Influenced by the many post-apocalyptic, speculative fiction, and alternative history stories I've picked up and read over the years. From Audolus Huxley and Stephen Vincent Benet to William Gibson and Stephen King. Also some Bret Harte, Louis L'Amor, and the Deadlands collectible card game. And of course the ever-popular Fallout series. This intro probably doesn't make sense to anyone other than myself. I am basing my NaNoWriMo novel on this story.

The Diaries

Emily Dray

Disaster Strikes on the 7th February, chaos spreading throughout the streets. Written four years ago, dug up and typed into computer to share with the Elfwood community.

Torment Of Voices

Becca Lusher

So it is the return of the psycho monologues. This is for and requested by Gabs although i am a little hesitent to dedicate this to anyone...but if it makes you happy ;) Confessions and Tombs were here before, removed for space, but now i have added Control, just as another slice of insanity...can we see a progression in these? Hold on to your sanity...and enjoy ^_^ Okay a fourth proof of my deteriorating sanity...yes i have managed to write four of these and this latest ones is the most subversive of the lot - proof of why i should not be writing things at 11pm on a sunday matter how short they are. Confused? You will be ;)

A perfect Plan

Lynton Farr

An excercise in suspense

Red and Black ch5

Tabitha Ruf

It appears that Jeff is desperately seaking something. But what, and to what avail?

After the Fire

Amy Wilson

A future story set after a holacost. It is an asinment for my creative writing class. The first paragraph on its own was what the teacher gave me to work from and is the first paragraph in a very good book caled 'A Kestal For a Knave'

Tales of Tenlotte: Arcana and Abstraction Chapters 27-33

Rose Po Campbell

Tenlotte is a world in the far future, a world where magic and technology exist side-by-side. But things are far from harmonious on Tenlotte. Political unrest is rampant in the country of Erom, where the elf that works beside you today might be on the sales block in the slavemarket tomorrow. The ruling class consists of three races: human, volix and malix (a rare and highly regulated hybrid species of human and volix). This is the story of Chela, a young malix. Hers is not a typical Tenlotten life. Here we have climax and resolution (in a way) and our story draws to an end...for now.

Man of Strength: Episode 2

naren pradhan

This is the second episode of Man of Strength. Just like in the previous one, it combines ancient and modern themes and adds a steampunk twist to the legend of the 12 tasks of Heracles. In the previous episode, Heracles traveled to Mount Parnassus, near the city of Delphi, to meet the oracle. The oracle told him that the only way he could atone for his sins was to do a series of tasks for Eurystheus, his cousin and the king of the city state of Tiryns.

The Cleaners

Nicholas Stephens

Galactic laws loop-holes, and amoral outcomes.

Broken Street Signs

Rachel Chartrand

A young woman wakes to find her home destroyed and only a dog and two suspicious men for company.


Stryker Brimmer

This is the story that for the most part started a long series of my writtings. This was one of my first decent pieces of literature. I love things like this... I always find myself forming therories about god... since I have no real strict faith of god, I always play around with these things. This story might offend a few bible thumpers.. but those people should have been warned about me already... hehehe... Note: Back when I originally uploaded this, the top few lines got chopped for some reason. It's been fixed.