The Reaper

Ian C. Sinclair

Well, this is a poem I wrote a couple of years ago and forgot about. I just recently thought of it and decided it was suitable. Moo-san.

What's Your Lucky Number? Six? You Lose! (7)

Cly Novak

This is where Maxx comes back but finds out that another lytin is present. What he doesn't know is that this lytin was hired to kill him. Money means nothing if you don't have your life...

Bone Tree


I saw an illistration by an artist on this site called The Bone Tree, I could not help but admire the concept. So I asked the artist if I could write something about it, and he agreed :) I hope I did it justice, but I like this anyway.

Blood and Bone chapter 1

Rebecca Munford

When twins Kiba and Kira are kidnaped on there sixteenth birthday, they have no idea what they truly are, genetically engineered humans, designed to live longer, they ae faster, stronger and smarter than anything the world has ever seen. Can they discover there full potential before they are slaughtered in the name of science?


Mariel Treubig

My poem about death. I was really inspired by my Language Arts teacher (thank you Coach Jackson!!), and I don't know why...


Elie Pearson

Everyone needs to upgrade eventually.  Even Death.

The Sword Made of Bone

V.K Alfieri

This is a parody (of sorts) of the Sword In the Stone. Starring Sir Trevor, Brave Knight of The Square Bar Stool, 'The Mighty and Brave Knight Who Done Great Deeds And Stuff...'

The Dwarven Remembrance

Carol McFarlane

An old dwarf bard tells the tale of a ruined kingdom.

Mirror Wall

Jason Kong

It is the story of a mirror, of self, and of the end of it all.


Jessica Frizzell

My muse attacked me in the middle of Japanese class. Very violently in fact. Sent me scuttling for a notebook. Here's the result

The Satyr Queen: IV

Mike Prescott

Going along the lines of the Power of Two, Vinya wrote himself so easily. Sure, he doesn't have a sidekick or buddy or anything but he is definitely pulled in two directions. His body is ravaged and he is resigned to earth but his heart and soul belong to the Heavens.

Dragon's Tooth and Dragon's Bone (poem)

Emma-Jane Smith

Poem I wrote for the Herscher Project. The main theme was dragons. YAY!! ^_^

The Lone Wild Heart: Chapter 18 - Rest for the Weary Soul

Christina Stoppa

Wow, this one was a doozy to write. I know its not very long, but the fact that I had to write half of it without masculine or feminine pronouns was a major pain in the you know what. Well, I hope you all enjoy this chapter.


David Nusse

Gormog meets a fairy... enough said.

The Ivory Effect

Peter Blair

My contribution to Herscher Project 20. Shed a tear with me as you read it. We've ruined so many children with facts. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with facts, but I don't think it should impede imagination. While not entirely applicable, the words of Paul Eldridge come to mind: 'In the spider-web of facts, many a truth is strangled.'

The Mutton Bone

Mandy Vissering

Whatever happens to those people all the brave and daring adventurers in the world leave behind? The must have families, friends. This is an idea I've latched onto, and so I've been writing lots of cute little stories about the Ackermans. This is the first. :D