Of Books, Imps and Otters

Sarah Cuypers

Aullène, the only human detective in Faery business, gets a new employee. This is more of a fragment than a full story, but it can stand well on its own. Possibly I can expand it to a full story in the future, but it'll have to be done right.

Phoenix Saga: Of Books and Friendships

Abbey Fitting

Phoenix 3 (sorry nothing new) changed a little, re-formatted the text. It looks different at least...And before you ask, i'm not sure yet...

War and Fantasy

K. Davis

I found this browing my files on my computer, i must have wrote it with the past half-year, not too great, not too bad, and fantasy. enjoy. or not. :P

Haunted House

Rachel Morgan

No longer do you have to fill in the blanks... Please feel free to leave comments though! Thanks to all those who participated in the fill in the blanks! You gave very entertaining answers!

Symaira: Chapter eight

Sarah Kerr

Killing two birds with one stone, Luca and Dyian sneak into the palace with Diego's help. There Bethane tells of alarming discoveries that can only confirm their fears


Terra Turner

I couldn't come up with a good title for this. The idea was to write something from a fantasy creature's point of veiw about the human race. I chose faeries (Obviously) Anyway hope you like it. P.S. Constructive critisim would be greatly appreciated!

Ch. 1

Aubrey Walters

This is the the first chapter of 12 Swords, which I am so excited to have finally retyped. I don't want to tell every thing because i feel a reader should make conections between the prologue of a story, not the writer telling them whats what. But if you can't tell by reading this, yes the four major characters from the prologue are at least mentioned in this chapter. Oh and my favorite of favorite characters is in this one. (Sorry for the misspellings and rambling, it's really late for me).

The Lovers Quest Ch 4

Vicci Higginbottom

OK, here we go.... more coming your way

At the Library

Sarah Cuypers

What should have been a relaxing library visit, turns into quite an adventure for Aullène. Aullène is also one of the characters in my short story 'Of Books, Imps and Otters' but both stories can be read seperately.This story is written for the Elfwood writing competition 'Between the Lines 2009' and is inspired by this newsarticle. It won!


Anna Panda' Simmons

Skoller is just the froggish spelling of Scholar. This is one of my earliest poems, and one of my favorites.

A Messy Room

Carmel Shachar

Not really a story, this is a cute little writing asignment that I did a while ago.

Twilight City: The Athenaeum

Amarenda Rose

To the heart of the Twilight City- The Athenaeum, home the the city's Chronicler- comes a stranger seeking aid.

Heavenly Mortal (currently)

Frank Voldness

I wouldn't go so far as to call this a gothic tale, but it should be close by the time I finish it. To go into depth would give away quite a bit of the story. After the intro (which I will not give any info) are two of the main characters. It is not stated early on that they don't know each other very well, but they don't. Romance knocks on each of their brass knockers, but whether it takes place is to be seen. This contains the Intro and Chapter 1.

Unholy Smoke

Robin Hersom

Very dark, this one. If you want to read into it, it contains mystical things like allegories, and it has been accused of having a 'Lord of the Flies' feel to it, but you will have to see for yourself. UPDATE: I've responded to your helpful comments, and tweaked it where it needed tweaking. Thanks!

The Awakening: Prologue: Dragyn History

Joanne Barnden

the second part to the one above- introducing one of the biggest and most important races... The Dragyns! our mentor is a dragyn- though i don't think he's mentioned...

Mishka's Magic Library


Books transport you, they transported me. When I was little they were my preferred getaway. If it was a happy sort of book with lovely things like The Land of Goodies in it, it made you feel amazing. If it was full of blood and gore, then you were happy right where you were in your cosy home with a  Mummy who makes you a nice cup of coffee and eggs on toast for breakfast.I apologize for this silly story. 

The Library

Martha Cundiff

Pulled from the archives of things written for HS Creative Writing (all those years ago), this started as a technical attempt at setting as a character or plot device. It turned into a psuedo tretis on how I view, and my love for literature.

The Library Dragon

Erin Schmidt

For you fantasy buffs out there, this story reads like a collision between Patricia Wrede's Enchanted Forest Chronicles and Simon Green's Blue Moon Rising. For those of you for whom the previous sentence isn't enough of a description, it's a fairy tale about a sympathetic dragon with an unusual hobby.

Egyptian Demon

Rachael Hill

A work in progress about a young woman named Lilly and her connections to an old and powerful force from the ancient lands of egypt.

The Awakening: Prologue: Human History

Joanne Barnden

it's a high fantasy that is unfortunately unfinished- but is about all the good things, a band of dashing heroes and heroines, some evil baddies and the prerequisite good mentor... well, it is and it isn't...