The Fourth: Ch1

Faraz Hussain

My first sci-fi work. The introduction of the main character. (Project currently on haitus). Rated PG (violence).

Blood & Lies - Part 2

Jamie Fuller

An unlikely bounty hunter crosses paths with a loney vampire and both their lives are changed.

Silence the Summer Nights - Chapter 3

Emily Hammond

A 'heated' re-acquaintance.


Elizabeth Hamill

Character introduction for an elven bounty hunter.

Two Little Blackbirds

Stephanie Schauer

This poem was written for the Herscher Project 17: 'The Hunters and the Hunted'. Written in blank verse with only ten syllables per line which was quite tricky. I won't say anymore or risk giving it all away!


Vicki Leady

This started out as merely a cathartic piece. I'm so nice, kind and understanding at work, I wanted to write something where the main character was a 'I want what I want, when I want' type. But the more I wrote these three, the more I liked them. In my mind, the man became a shapeshifter and the 'second woman' became a sorceress. I'm not entirely sure what my lead woman is but I'm sure my muse could come up with something. The only problem is that I have no names for them, either personal or what they call themselves as a group. Any suggestions?

London Town

Alex Stevens

A vampire is blackmailed. This took about an hour to write, and I have no ideas where it's going.


Susan Remondi

i like the keywords

Fool's Bounty Chapter 1: The Thief

Serena Loder

Fool's Bounty is a pirate adventure story set in a fictional version of our world which has vast unexplored lands and is in the golden age of pirates. It may not appear as much of a "fantasy" story at first, but I assure you, it will definitly read so by the end. Small clues about what's going on are scattered throughout the story, see if you can pick them out before it's revealed!Not much pirating happens here in the first chapter however, we are simply introduced to our main character, the titular thief, Raum.

Fool's Bounty Chapter 2: Eternity

Serena Loder

In the second chapter of Fool's Bounty the pirate ship Eternity and her crew make an appearance, and we see how well our main character Raum will fit in.

Fool's Bounty Chapter 3: The Captain

Serena Loder

In the third chapter, Raum gets to know the pirates he's gotten himself caught up with, learns of his duties, and starts getting some information on this mysterious treasure that they're seeking. He's not exactly the best team player, but in this situation, he doesn't really have a choice.

Chronicles of Bayne: Book 1, Chapter 2

Stuart Gray

Rough draft.  please tell mew what you like, what could use some work.  We get into the Bayne's curse here, when the group catches up with their bounty.(Ranton is a fictional town, and any actual existence of a town by that name in Mississippi is purely coincidental)

The Girl: Chapter Two

Kristin Bremmer

The white-haired girl gets caught in a duel...

The Last Bounty

Andrew O'Steen

A story of a bounty hunter's final target before retirement.

I love you, and goodbye

Heather 'dragon princess' Smith

A letter written from my RP char Ariean (half dragoness half elf) to the man she lovesmy b/fs char aka (Kasamaru, half dragon half demon) before she gives her life to have a bounty hunter return their son to their kingdom... Very sad, I cried while writing it... *tear*

Double Edged Fate Chapter 1

Andrea Judy

Wuu, this is the 1st chapter of one of my MANY stories.... ^^() Okay, peoples, I want opinions! Even if you only read a lil bit! Pwease? *puppy dog face* And tell me who your fav character is. hehehe, it's a competition between the charas. ^____^

The Hunt of the Phoenix, Part 1

Jake Beasley

My alter ego has a job. A bounty hunter. Just his latest bounty isn't behaving... This is, by far, the longest I've done. It isn't even finished!

The Hunt for the Arcea Stone- Part II: The Assignment

Jonelle Edwards

This is the second chaper in my sci-fi series following a bounty hunter neamed Allena Dartin

Dragon Trio: Trouble

Jessie Hoesing

Ah yes, this little article of writing... I wrote it last year, once more for my religion teacher (how it had to do anything with the topic I don't know lol I don't remember what it was). People liked it, everyone didn't get to hear all of it since it woulda taken all class hour and he was bein' a bum. Anyways, this li'l bit of writing is about one of the thieves from my li'l trio called the Stealing Dragon Trio. Jade's in trouble and is forced to confront her bounty hunter. A fight is involved and such. The ending is horribly weak in my opinion. But I had to end it some how or else it was gonna be TOO long! Hope you enjoy it! ^^

London Town 2

Alex Stevens

Sequel to london town. Still haven't worked out where this is going, maybe next time.