Ethan Lawson

A young man is forced to become the leader of his village when the hunters die and the food supply has run out.


Charlene Longwell

This is just about an elf on a mission

The Dragon Keeper- Chapter 7

Teresa Galus

Thea gets a visit from Lady Rhodya

Arishka: Chapter Two

Emily Briand

Yay! I get to upload more! Now we get to see Lloyd's reaction!

Final Vengeance

Jason Romein

This one is the almighty, long-awaited sequel to the Fall of Asmodius! Mostly long-awaited because I was too lazy to post it, but... =O This one is a good story, though, and it sorta leads up to 'Talon's Legacy - Prologue', and with 'Fall of Asmodius', it tells the highlights of the Talon story, with the exception of his final fall at the Battle of Vortex Gate. Enjoy this mighty tale!

Steve's adventure ( part II )

Miroslav Milov

A usual boy becoming a great warrior

Steve's adventure ( part I )

Miroslav Milov

A usual boy stolen from his world

The Riders of the King's Own ~ Part Four

Anna Thomas

Still in the wilds of Kazin, still three men down, still with an (annoying, some of the bois would say) innovative General at the helm X3 So here, we introduce the remaining pikeman and blade archer, and two more swordies. Because I love swords. Have you noticed that yet? =3 Also? Anyone trying to lay claim to Kurae... you can't. Sallie's already taken him X3 As ever, Nyan rana yn ___, di nyan yn Maralu translates to 'My name is ___, and I'm a rider for the King's Own.' So much easier to say Maralu, innit? I say Own rider. Cos it's English =3

The Obsidian Phoenix Chapters 21-24

Ann Baker

The Obsidian Phoenix Chapters 21-24

The Obsidian Phoenix Chapters 11-15

Ann Baker

The Obsidian Phoenix Chapters 11-15

The Obsidian Phoenix Chapters 6-10

Ann Baker

When Crimson finds herself thrown into harms way, she must fight to survive. Her home and the lives of all the elves in the White Forest depend on her for their continued survival. Yet she's not ready to face the Dark One. Crimson is set on a path of amazing discoveries. She makes new friends and discovers amazing new worlds in her quest to conquer the lich who threatens her existence. With the bow and blade of the Obsidian Phoenix, Crimson cuts a path of destruction straight through to the heart of evil. In the process she discovers her own true heritage and the hope that lies within.

Shadows of Death

Christopher R Regan

Starshadow journeys into the darkwood of his forest kingdom only to discover things that might better have been left undiscovered.

The Magician

Polina Kotcheva

Another short story, again in the setting of 'Maria', again about a girl who wants to be something - but this time with magicians, dragons, fights and all that stuff. I'm making progress. Maria herself is mentioned here.

Untitled Chapter Seven

Jen Robbins

This is the final, thus far, chapter in Alissandra's story. Her circumstances are dire indeed and though I should have tacked this onto chapter six I thought it needed to be all on its own.

Untitled Chapter Six

Jen Robbins

Alissandra's battle against the invasion continues. She has made to her destination only to be thwarted by the monarchy. The centaurs are close behind. What will become of Alissandra's plight in this the sixth chapter of the story.

Crystal Dreams 4

Zack T. Fester (AKA Strider)

Retreat, Regroup, and attack

Death by Jasmine Chapter 1: The Infirmary

Henry Bender

 part 2 of my new story. Jasmine wakes up in an infirmary and runs into an old friend...

The Last Bounty

Andrew O'Steen

A story of a bounty hunter's final target before retirement.

Trance (Poem)


A poem of a man's confrontation with a unicorn. Careful... unicorns can be very tricky. Oh, and just to clear up some questions, no unicorns were harmed in the making of this poem.

The silver brooch - Chapter Five

Maria Elmindreda L

In this chapter we meet Roland Astar again and find out that the young man is more than what he seems to be...