Flight of Eagles part Two

Bethany Holthof

part two, continuation of part one

Be Still

Jessi Levine

It has been hundreds of years since Rivendel died, and Johan has never had the chance to say goodbye, until now... Series:Lilywater Characters: Johan and RivendelWarnings: Shounen ai, Lilywater spoilers

The Birth of Stormcrow

Sandra Wagner

This is a breif character interlude, a vignette if you will. I've been having trouble with Brother Sun and needed a break and Clio began batting this around my head. This is the short story about a pair of characters of a friend of mine, loosely based on what he told me; about two boys, one adopted and the other born to be garou, and the vampire that separated two brothers forever. It's the background/formation of both characters he plays, both in a werewolf game, and (on opposite weekends) in the vampire game (a character which has his own vignette, but not one I'm about to post here. This is a darkly moving peice which I am very proud of. I had his permission to write it and to share it. The base plot is his, the story is mine

Fire Wind (chapter Thirteen)

Natalie Myers

Nick and Mark go through a little magic training. everything that goes on in this chapter is not really something you have to remember, but it might be useful later. ;) sorry, this might get a little confusing. i'm trying not to add too much stuff but it's all needed. *groans* i'm starting to confuse myself now. don't mind me. oh, if anything is in -these things- that usually means someone is talking to someone else with their mind.

Lost In Space

Nicole Anderson

I don't care that other people have used this name!!! Grr...I don't know what lead me to write this but, I did. It is NOT FINISHED though so please bare with me!

Mingling Magic

Heather Nicholson

I really like this one, it was an idea I got when a cousin of mine said something. Anyways, it's about a team of teens who are out to save their world, and one Sonfallion who doesn't want to. I don't really like the end of this one, but it's a work of proces.

TEOAL - Chapter Two

Nicole Kelly

What will the consequences of Coress's earlier actions be???

Endaria Chapter 1: The Birth of Gabriel

Erin Ruiz

Wee, chapter one of the first journal entry I ever made as a senior in high school. This was an ongoing thing that was never finished in my Senior Journal. This is just a little intro to what will be a very strange but interesting story. WARNING: There will be a lot of shounen ai/yaoi stuff going on as the story progresses, so watch out!


Kelley Nicol

Iwrote this for school! enjoy!

Rena Featherlight Chapter One

Chani Petro

A story that just came to me one day. It's about a faery and some stuff that happens to her. Here's chapter one:

Flight of Eagles Part one

Bethany Holthof

Flight of eagles, part one. Same chara as Twisted, totally different story.


Bethany Holthof

There is a moment, in everyone's life, when they know without a doubt.... that reality is twisted...

Flight of Eagles Part Three

Bethany Holthof

part three, continued from part two... more to come

Suicide and Nic

Amber Whitney

This is just something I started, its not nearly as much as I thought it was, I kinda lost intrest, but I'm working on it when I'm not writing about Yui and Zan ^_^ Suicide/Jisatsu is completely head over heels for Nic, and Nic is just trying to keep his grades up and try not to get in trouble with Jisatsu ^_^

To Wake In A Prophecy. Chapter 1: Is This Real?


This is the edited version of Chapter 1 of my latest story. Enjoy.

The Story of a Vampire's Lover

Joseph Takách

The first chapter in a story about a young 13-14th century noble man who fell inlove with a vampier. Their by creating a scandal that threatens his family's political power. Warning this story content that some may find unsutable for reader under the age of 15.

Sabel Wood 3: Dark Forest

Elizabeth Hanninen

After pinching Granny Lyn's strange book, Brian begins to follow the story of Jessalyn's journey into a land of monsters. Meanwhile Luke and Abigail set of on their own adventure in the night. This time the they'll discover that Sabel Wood is not without its dangers as trouble awaits beyond the mist and truths are revealed.

Battle of the Brave

Nicolei Arnold

When all hope is lost, who is to claim victory?


Charity Harrell

It can be a bleak future and an unhappy one of you heavily rely on the internet--too much... This tells the story of two girls living in a future where the world uses the internet for everything.

Frantic chapter 1

Souvraya Darkwhyn

A demon has been alone all his life, shunned by his kin because of his strange ways. But one day he runs into an angel and falls deeply in love.