The Jailbreak (Part One: Escape)

Peter Bellisario

The openeing to a story about a jailbreak from a underground jail. It's my first short fiction story so it may not be very good. This is Part One.


Hugo Schalkwyk

This is a not nice poem about a not nice subject.


Katherine 'dys' VanHoorn

This is kind of a surreal story, I feel like, since it never happened....

Love Ballad To An Angel

Amanda Render

Seems a little odd to want to save a piece of glass. But sometimes the things that seem the most trivial, end up being the most important thing to someone...Dedicated to someone I thought I could trust.

To Rob a Dragon - 4 The Vampire

Valerie Lamb

Aargh. So I handed in my likkle story to Mrs C-H, all nicely bound (and about three months ago - bleah to update delays) and she's all happy and I ask when I'll get my mark and she says they're not gonna be marked. So, yeah, no mark, although my teacher loves my work and I'd probably get a 4 or something.


Samantha Kauchis

Two realms, and two hearts torn between them.

Dragonsong - Chapter 1

Jay Morris

Chapter 1 of the 'Dragonsong' epic poem. I chose a female main character because I felt like experimenting. Or maybe I was female in another life...

The Flower 4 (Matters of the heart)

Brandon Lee

Fear of failure is the hardest fear to break at times


Colleen Holt

Kaze mourns for his lost home, but receives comfort from an unexpected source, and takes a lesson in 'look before you leap'.


Ruth Petroff

i don't even know how to preface this. i guess if you're really intent on finding out what the symbolism stands for, you can email me. but i think it should be fairly obvious, then again, this is the author speaking...this is the embodiment of one of the hardest times in my life...

Zherene: Part One

Danielle Wheelis

This is part one of the story about Zherene. An Illusionist and master thief, Zherene uses her magic and skills to pull off an impressive heist.


Gina Nigro

Much like lief, this vampire's world was just shattered. The inner story of my vampire Jasain.. Of who one day I will write Her story fully..

The Restoration: 2

Emilie Finn

The conclusion.