A Metamorphosis...of Sorts...

Amanda Van Fleet

It's not exactly a fairy tale...but more like the metamorphosis. It's sad, involves transformation, but can have a happy ending...if you want it to...

The Epic

Ryan Reynolds-Stickney

Uh, it was an assignment in Cambridge. It had to be 2000ish words long (it's 2016), have a character that went through some sort of self-discovery, be set in or about a town like Cambridge, and contain either the phrase 'The job sucks and the pay is crap' or the words 'Moby Dick.' Thus. I think it's actually kind of cute. ....

Untitled Chapter 3

Matt Takane

The real fantasy part starts up here with much magik and dragons galore ;-). To all those who are reading the story i thank you and urge you to comment and help my writting reach a new level.

Little Queen of Spades and the Suicide King

Ashley Wynn

Another little post-apocalyptic something. Most definately inspired by Hurricane Katrina. Even before Katrina, I'd had the idea that large portions of the world that were below sea level would one day be below the sea if something BIG and destructive happened. I fantasized about the New Madrid fault and the Mississippi River running backwards when I was a teenager. I also had become interested in syncretism in religions and voodoo and hoodoo and rootwork... I like to research fun stuff like real-life magic. I brushed lightly over Santeria, and bought a St. Peter votive... This thing's been sitting untouched for a while. I did a read through to make sure it applies to the Elfwood rules and changed a little thing here or there - 'Amish' to 'Menonite', etc. It's a clearly unfinished portion of a larger piece. Maybe it could have made itself into a novel if I'd kept at it? Maybe my muse will bite me on the... er... This originated as my NaNoWriMo novel for 2006. I made it to about 10,000 words and then had to go back to whatever it was that I was doing in real life. I haven't written anything much since then, except for the occasional blog, naturey nonfiction, and reports for work. I have no motivation and no quiet time. Soon... I hope. I also used lots of footnotes. Mostly for the mods benefit, but I just couldn't help myself once I got started. It was like explaining something to the spellchecker.

The Bridge Builder


An extended metaphore. People always say "I'll cross that bridge when i get to it". Well this is the guy you have to ask to make that bridge you cross.

Bridge Across Forever (Pt. 1)

Faron Gay

*shrugs* Slavery is commonplace in Mis'lth, a town miles away from the capital of Ring World, a place thought to have come clean after a bloody civil war. The slaves have it hard... This is one of their stories.

the bridge

f. hiromitsu

mmm, this is actually old. *ahhh!* i haven't written anything new. how sad. oh well. it's kinda like a mix of the three billy goats gruff and ... i don't know.

The Battle of the Fountain - Part One

Scott Schmidt

The Kingdom of Korso is home to the magical Fountain Za'shua, relic of Tolliya, the Goddess of Magic. King Longstrider and his barbarian people are her chosen warriors to protect The Fountain. Rothella Hourshade, an ancient sorceress has once again mustered an army in an attempt to capture the relic for its magical properties. This is Part One to the epic Battle for the Fountain.

Lost Sunrise

Amanda Mierau

This is a poem about a girl who has found someone to walk the bridge of fate with her. He is willing to be by her side even though she is an immortal.

A Simple Journey

Matthew Frantz

Just a short story. I think it's simplicity is part of it's charm.

Because I remember stories

Carrie no.

nother poem, about a lot of things, and nothing at the same time. i guess all these poems are about how much i hate the world or something, or about the world in general, yes i think thats it. :) heh. ok, well i hope you enjoy yet another horribly depressing poem, lol.

The Troll Slayer

Stuart Rees

First draft of a short story, hopefully the first in a series based on fairy tales and nursery rhymes following Billy Gruff and BB Wolf, outlaws. Like I say it's my first draft, and my first attempt at

shards of a mirror

Evan Mansker

ya know, these description things are getting annoying...

Swamp Story

Nathaniel Mich

This is a short story that I wrote in study hall in 9th grade, on the crap LC 760 Macs in the computer lab. Enjoy!

The Bridge of Woe

Michael McCloskey

 The Bridge of Woe brings two lands together so they may be torn apart.

GGC - Part I - 7 - Ridiculous

Marlena Cannon

'Malraune’s violently whirlpooling emotions suddenly came to a dead standstill. Remember?' A baffling encounter and some honest bonding over a bottle of maltfire.

Guardian of the Woods

Nicole Antonia Rodovsky

Story 1 For a book I call 'The Angels of Whitewing County.' Version WL1.3. The Guardian of the Woods stems from my belief that every living thing has a guardian or guardians.

Bridge Above a Broken River

Rick Strehlow

This one may not seem terribly fantasy-ish, but I happen to believe that not all magic is visible.

Troll Phone

Valerie Higgins

You can see young people at night from a long way away by the light emitted by their mobile phones, I've always thought that was risky behaviour.