Elizabeth Cordes

I wrote this before 'Dream Reality'. It was sort of a model for it. A very loose model, mind you...

Fallen Angel

Kelly Hunt

I originally wrote this to go with a series of pictures I drew. The poem pretty much describes the drawings too. It's not long but I like it.

Broken Moment..

Gina Nigro

To Velvet Moon, My Friend, A Piece of My heart.. he fixed the mirror for me.. He'll understand

The Night 3 (Lonely Nights)

Brandon Lee

O how the demons can warp the souls and mind of a broken man

The Legacy

Anastasia I-Morn-Gwathren

A legacy to live by..., well, in a fantasy world, I suppose.

Lament of a Falling Angel

Christina Stoppa

Yeah, um... I really have no idea where this came from. All I know is that it came out one day and here it is. The poem is from the point of view of my Angel of Death character.

A Night Alone

Jessica Walls

Broken Wings

Robyn Petrik

This poem was inspired by my friend Sandra's drawing, titled 'Angel'. As she was drawing it, I was writing this poem, which was really cool.

With Wings Upon an Alter Part Four

Sarah Rose

The thing about the past is that it always seems to pop back up, in memories or as people. And Loki, an angel turned soul eater, really hates taking strolls down memory lane.

Sins of Passion ch.1

Shuo Chen

Chapter 1 of a collaborative piece I'm writing with my dearest friend, Anna Owomoyela, AKA magistrate (not an Elfwood member). We started out wanting to write something surreal, but you can judge what resulted. Enjoy?

Stillness Broken - A Collection of Prophetic Verse

Frances Gibbs

These are a series of verses I wrote at various times throughout last year and this year. In truth they were replies to issues and experiments of style, but I decided to wham them all together to create the greatest prophesy of the darkest time... well, actually no. That is still to come. *grins wickedly* ha ha. well, I apologise for how it seems so broken up... try to read them as separate verses - most of them, atleast - rather than one continuous poem... *sigh* oh well. Enjoy...

The Angel and The Damned (Chapter One)

T. Smith

All Hallow's Eve. Midsummer Night. Halloween. 'When the freaks come out'. Or for the residents of Wakiomo, 'The Damned'. Four Histish boys live on the edge of the junkyard with their grandmother, who most call 'Auntie Fey'. They're a good bunch, polite and easy to get along with. Many are friends with the boys. Some aren't, but even though there are disagreements about whether this family can be trusted--they do live, after all, on the edge of the junkyard--everyone belonging to this small town knows of the sixth resident in the boys' home, and his purpose--and they keep him secret. They call him Gabe, after the angel Gabriel, because that is what he is to them--something of an angel, and he is the only protection on All Hallow's Eve, 'when the freaks come out'. When The Damned come out. But there is a new family moving in. A broken, incomplete family, consisting of Emeline Engill, her son, Brett, and her daughter, Jack. At first, the newcomers seem reasonably normal and the people of Wakiomo are reassured they'll take no serious notice of the strange little superstitions and rituals, and overall odd behavior of Wakiomo's residents and consider them nothing more than just that--little superstitions and rituals and simple overall odd behavior. But Emeline, Brett, and Jack moved into this small, somewhat 'country' town for reasons. Reasons they don't plan on sharing--not the real reasons anyway. For the Engills, this new home is a safehouse from their previous life. But they have no idea how dangerous it really is. Or rather, jack has some idea, but no one's listening to her. Jack is immediately drawn to the Fey boys, and especially Gabe. Yet her behavior is odd--it's obvious she wants to really talk to them, yet she stays on the edges, not approaching the boys or anyone else unless absolutely necessary. But then Jack and her family experience something they can't believe and can't deny. And because of this, they all becomes involved with the dark circle of the small town's dark history and pulled into in the never-ending battle with The Damned. But it's not just the dark past of the town Jack herself gets involved with. She gets involved with Gabe's dark past, too. And he with hers.


Tawny Marlowe

---For those who know, who understand, and who truly care. You know who you are.---

The Marionette Man

Brian D. Landon

A poem I wrote.

The Star I Could Not Save

Christine Clarke

Well, at face value it's a poem about a star that begins careening helplessly to the Earth. Yes, the star has been personified and thus can talk, feel, et cetera.

Innocence Broken

Chester Copperpot

The lure of dark so tempting can so easily break the innocence of any

Wolf Blood Chap. 1

Maureen Frykberg

The first encounter with living humans and Wolves. And the first taste of steel and bodily pain.

She loves me, she loves me not

Ana Barbulescu

a little daisy finds out that the world isn't as innocent as she is. In her naivity she interprets thigs differently and ends up broken hearted.

Her Wings

J. Acomb

Just your usual short story full of cliches and symbolism.

With Wings Upon an Alter Part Two

Sarah Rose

The thing about the past is that it always seems to pop back up, in memories or as people. And Loki, an angel turned soul eater, really hates taking strolls down memory lane.