Alone We Stand

Chyaz Samuel

This is my first update in literally a year. This is a little poem about the niceties of Satan and Hell (so, light reading then). Hope you enjoy.

Lost to Time - Part One

Aideen Solasta

It's a short short story I did for school. I probably won't add a part two for this. Likely very influenced by R. A. Salvatore. Thanks to the Mod who chose this piece! ^^ (Sept. 14, 2004) Dedicated to and edited, probably numerous times, by Rachel H. Thanks, Rachel!

Burn the Witch

Emma Cuddy

This is a poem about a witch who is captured by a mob who try to burn her alive. This is for someone who is set in the belief that all witches are evil. No names, but she knows who she is......I hope you will read this poem and take note, Mellon-nîn !


Patrick Doutre

This is a story I wrote for my Writing class, it's one of my favorites because it was written in under an hour :)

The Witch Within

Diana Evans

A mixture of several ideas that turned out to be the first piece I considered publishing. How do you deal with the witch within?


Eric Hopkins

A young man wonders why his lonely farmstead is being attacked by dragons.

Pyre 1

Layton Aho

Kaiyro is a mage-hunter seeking out Xu, the Red Mage of Pyre.

Burn Me a Light Inside

Kevin Hosein



Shuo Chen

First paragraph/stanza contains much cliche, but don't worry, that's intended. A view of the night. Inspired by a beautiful image and some reading prior to that. Nothing to do with religion or spiritual enlightment, BTW.

Burn the world

L. Viner

A demon brings the apocalypse just so he can be with the one he loves. An old work done several years ago.

Rain on a Sunny Day

Morgan Grover

Much of my work developes from various writing exercises, and this is one such example. The protagonist, Covik, is technically a half-ogre, though you will see people call him an ogre out of hatred. For this story I was given three words (race, north-east, and fire). I will let you see how they play out. This story has been redone multiple times now, but I am finally starting to become happy with it. I may certainly repay Covik a visit sometime, he has developed into an interesting character. Let me know what you think!

The Fall of Man (1)

Cly Novak

Yeah, this was a silly little story, but I thought it was just good enough to post.


K. Willey

Helki has a unique problem.


Michael Darling

Fire endlessly Burn

once to crash, twice to burn Part III

Susan McMillan

The title explains it. Sorry it took so long to get up here.

'Idhra' chapter 3

j. lawrence

No Peace for Wolves

Mai Zhang

There are wolves that have been born of the forest... no matter what befalls them, they are blessed.

Botzernic: The story of a caretaker slave

Mandy Elliott

This is the story of a caretaker of Botzernic who was enslaved and the trial that put the depth of her loyalty and trust to the test. I try to put relative information on Botzernic in each story of it, but to truly grasp the world, you should read 'Botzernic.' It is a world that my twin and I made. I have her permission to post anything about it I wish. The character 'speaking' in this story is my creation. In this story, a slave formerly of the Nahilliote' recalls how she got the burn scars that cover more than two thirds of her body and what they really mean. This story is meant to be emotional and in depth into the character's mind.

The Fight

Tate Have A Cool Nickname' James

Umm, this is another part of my big story I am 'writing'...i havent written anything on it in the longest time, but I thought I'd let you all read the fight scene....this happens before the dream part, tell me what ya think...


Erin Ford

I'm a pyro...I like to watch things burn :)