Julian-The Cat Is Let Out Of The Bag (well once it stops swearing)

Kirsty Morrison

More Julian. I loved the character so much I just had to write more about him!^^

Monster Story

Sarah Liu

Well, I wrote this story in lang/lit with the other kids in my class. I started the story, and wrote the last four paragraphs to end it. The story came out pretty strange, with a Greyhound bus and hippies, but I think it's pretty funny to read.

Urban Foxes

Che Joseph Monro

Everybody has a soul, of course...

The Grave Ride of New York

Ivy Callier

This was another English assignment ofor Mr. Kearney. I guess this is a pretty humorous story, seeing as the last line is 'Won't this make a perfect anecdote to tell the girls?' I never quite understood what anecdote meant, but Mr. K. said it was a humorous telling of a bunch of events and my dictionary, my God, said they are a short account of an incident (especially a biographical one), so, I'm confused. Maybe you won't be?


Morgan Li

For some reason, this got erased before, but i thought I would re-load it for those of you who wanted to re-read it and/or read it for the first time or whatever... It's a story about a School Field Trip Gone Horribly Wrong when the students are dropped off in an ancient scrificial burial site...

Riding the Bus

Nicole Walraven

My most recent work, again, I was at the losing end of a break-up. Fool did it right in the middle of my grad week too. Oh well.


Jamie Creature' Isfeld

He had watched her sit there every day, just drawing in her book until the bus came. I somewhat relate to the girl in the story. She has her world, I have mine. I wrote this in two hours, so it's not very good. As usual, please leave one piece of constructive criticism with any comments you may have.

Unknown Chapter 1- Little Black Box

Brekk Adrian

A little more serious story i've been working with for the past month, this was inspired by hours of boredom. I'm currently working on the second chapter: Meeting. It's definately a work in progress and i plan to go over the entire story and change alot of things when i'm finished writing it, but for now, i've just got to get it all written down and sorted out first. This version of the story will definately change, it's still in the preliminary writing stages. This chapter of the story doesn't really have any fantasy elements in it, but it's only the first chapter and nothing really interesting has happened yet. you can look forwards to mages, assassins, prospectors, witches, queen's and a whole cast full of other characters in the chapters to follow.

Song of a Harp

Megan Myer

This was an essay for my english class. She had different pictures and she told us to write a story, using the picture. It took me two weeks to write this...it is due today 6/9/03

Nothing Else Matters

Nicolei Arnold

The house was warm, aside from the cold outside. It was a fairly big place, but the world seemed so small to Dante. He sat quietly, lost in his deep hurtful thoughts. The memories good and bad, the love he'd missed so much. For him time had stopped completely, and he felt most utterly alone...

The Bus

Tam Blaxter

this is a little piece of writing i wrote as an imagination exercise


John Blackham

The introduction of a long story of lewis-carroll-esque fantasy. The setting begins in Worcestershire, England... but seeing as how I don't live anywhere near there (check my location), I am likely misinformed about the area. Be that as it may, the setting changes abruptly toward the end of this particular introduction...


Emily Kirsch

I'm not quite sure what to say about this one. It was written for Nicole Cardiff--a picture of hers inspired this. I'm sure it's not what she had in mind... but it's what came to me.

Get on the Bus

Natalie Beckwith, the ungotten

based on a nightmare i had, except in the dream the end was diffrent...