The Progeny of Gods: Chapter 3

Aaron Miner

Enter Franz Mohellian, businessman extraordinaire. In this chapter he meets the mysterious Fay von Nebel, an ambitious young reporter who knows more than she should...

You Began

Julia Lichty

Good thing? Bad thing? Personally, I believe people should have to take a test and get a license in order to breed.


Michelle Morrison (May)

This a short short story that popped into my head ages ago. Basically it is an idea description of what the heavenly beings really do for a living.

Elevator Angel

Nicolei Arnold

(The song from the story is the theme song to 'The Partridge Family') A small business building stood in the smoggy city. It was going to be a big business, yet it still needed work. A young man walks through the double doors with his briefcase, whistling and humming to himself. Inside, he walks over to the elevator and glances at his watch patiently.

Of all the Nights

Jennifer Grew

Fun little work on details.

New Sampler

Megan Crewe

Here are three selections from stories I've written in the past nine months, just to give you an idea of what I'm up to now. If you'd like to read more of them, I may give out full copies on a person-by-person basis; I just don't want to post them on-line as that might interfere with getting them published.

How far will you go?

Jenny Collyer

This is a weird, twisted story that is finished. It was written quite quickly so it needs some padding, but I like this one.