A Flower and a Butterfly

Anastasia I-Morn-Gwathren

I first wrote this poem ages ago, back when my knowledge of English was a bit, well, absent. Since then I periodically experienced fits of editing and this poem was not spared. So, this is the version 'so far.' Eventually my plan is to write a tiny-teeny book illustrating this poem. Eventually.

Stains on the Paper

Bianca Tangermann

A metaphorical story about our enemy - writer's block! Alternative title: 'The Butterfly Effect'. Mermaid-less story (everyone rejoice!) and actually finished. (Cheers and kisses!) The story idea developed a few days ago when I actually got a new idea for my ongoing comatose other story, Chasing Shadows, and I made a post in my livejournal stating how inspiration is like a butterfly that can't be caught. Other inspirations for this were: footage from the upcoming animated movie 'Corpse Bride' (which I'm SO seeing) the song 'Road to Mandalay' by Robbie Williams - it may not have been a direct inspiration, but it helped me get into the mood I wanted to get across - and of course my own undying writer's block.

Mezamine's Butterfly

Juli Magnuson

A short, SHORT anecdote; Mezamine questions the logic of a butterfly, and displays quite a bit of her broken personality in a small number of words.

Cat's in the Cradle-part two

Vicky Barrett

This is short but sweet, really it should be the prologue, but as I already have an introduction it's Chapter 1 and part 2. The next part is significantly longer, which is why it's taking longer to get ready.

The ogre and the butterfly

Rachel Cooper

This is the poem about an ogre who sees a butterfly fluttering in the sky and falls in love with it and the life it has that he will never have. He becomes jelous and kills the butterfly but the pieces of the butterfly fly like the butterfly had once done and he flees.

The Maldonian Chronicles 03: The Mission

Jessica Cannon

With Onca facing death, Tyrax takes her to be healed by those who want her life.


Collette Marette

My interpretation of what fairies are.

A Rose Is A Rose

Daniela Doyne

Happy birthday, Bitsy, my love! *waves at her little Jibitsy* Because I decided Bitsy is special and deserves a second story. I was trying to capture the art of writing as a friend of mine once phrased it: 'And if there were no ink, I'd write my lines in blood.'

Butterfly Girl

Amanda 'Selphie' Gray

A tragic love story.... of an Elf and is Pixie lover actually...

Dandelions in a Summer's Breeze

Aaron Fredericks

Here is a poem that I considered making longer, but at the point I stopped it seemed complete and any further addition would have detracted from it. Written November 9, 1999.

A Gothic Tale

Sida Chen

Written under a word limit of 1300 words. Had too much in it but meant to be a intro to a much bigger story so yea. Some parts need to be clarified further.

Black Butterfly

Grace (Aubrey Osiris)

Who ever said the power of good was supposed to win? :P Erm.. this was sort of inspired by the first movie clip of Fantasia 2000 (paper butterflies), except the black ones oppress the coloured ones. :}

Butterfly Philosophies

Colleen Sweeney

A little poem thing a put with a drawing... I haven't scanned that yet though! Oh! and also a little strange thing i though of... Please comment! (I know I'm crazy!)

The Sorceress

Suzanne Mitts

fate is watching out for us all... another poem from my 'no rhyming' stage. This is for Maricruz, i love ya girl, and your butterfly tat!

The Final Farewell Part 2

Tawny Marlowe

Having embraced Death, the Dark Butterfly now finds herself faced with her final battle. The one that will decide her fate for eternity.

Butterfly Boy

Tayla Waterworth

Once upon a time, in a far away land, a young girl was visited by a magical being. Half man, half butterfly, this beautiful immortal boy enchanted her and slowly she fell in love with him. However, a buttefly is not a pet and everyone knows that a butterfly has to fly... (This is only a first draft. Constructive criticism more than welcome!)


Linsey 'Questor Star' Roziner

Inspired by a guy I once had a crush on. I made him into a shadowcorn because he was all dark and mysterious. I named him storm and he was black, with blue eyes and silver mane, tail, horn and hooves with a silver moon on his forehead. Anyway, this was kind of how I felt about him. It's called butterfly because 'if you love something, let it go' and Mariah Carey said that...I think she has a song called Butterfly that talks about that

Essence of the Moon

Mai Zhang

In which there a rather nice ending.

Philosophy and the Magical Butterfly

Caramel Hart

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The Magical Butterfly (Otherwise known as 'My Diary')

Caramel Hart

A dedication to the past, the present, the future and the Loch Ness monster. God bless your flippery little feet. Also dedicated to (in alphabetical order) Em, Kaffe, Meg, Nam, Ree, Trish & Sarah. Remember the good times. :)