Alexa Adams

Written about a Lisa Snellings statue that Neil Gaiman mentioned in the introduction to Smoke and Mirrors. A small winged girl offering a feather to a man outside her cage while her captor sleeps nearby...

A Trick of the Tail

Adam B. Ragg, or 'AdZ von Raggamuffin', or 'Adam Wragg, The Well-Known Typing Error'

A prince from a different land arrives in ours and is captured and treated as a monster. Another story inspired by a Genesis song.


Emma-Jane Smith

A trapped spirit..

Fairy Cage

Christy Kassler

This is a poem about a group of fairies who are captured by humans

Another World

C. Seidel

~Poem~ Have you ever felt trapped by this world and longed desperately for another? I have...

Another Fairy-Tale part 2 - Dreams and Echoes

Helfried Haider

Second part of another Fairy-tale. Enjoy!


Tina Walls

The beginning of a thread I started with my one and only elf. Update: Edited March 25, 2001

Artist (Part 3)

Kiota Bandal

Part three is up! Yay! Please comment, or else...............


Mariette Rose

This was an assignment for creative writing class. Write a Villanelle

Truth's Cage (part 2)

Shawn Reed

Here we continue, the story that in some ways is the story of my life, being written as it goes. Maybe it will draw you in deeper... or maybe it will push you further away. But, one thing is probably true. It's still preparing you for what's to come.

Prologue: Escape from the Black Serpent

Laura Engler

One of my biggest faults is that I'm easily dejected. About two years ago (perhaps even more), I had an entirely different prologue for the first book in my big fantasy epic, Serpent in a Cage. I showed it to a friend of mine who's opinion, at the time, meant quite a lot. He didn't like it, and ever since then, I haven't been able to touch the thing. Until now. His biggest complaint was that there wasn't enough action in it, so I tried to approach the story with a more active beginning, although such things have always been hard for me. It was quite a challenge, a long time running, but I've finally completely something I'm satisfied with. Naturally, though, my satisfaction means little, as I'm sometimes too hard on myself, others not hard enough. This is where you come in. I'm desperate for guidance and construction critism on this one. Is it a good prologue? Does it capture your attention, do you find it interesting? Does it spark questions and make you want to read more? Or should I take this back to the figurative drawing board once more? Please. I desperately implore your imput.


Manuel Alejandro

A dead soldier's tale about his last battle...

(Crunchy!) Death #716

Xander Brown

'... for life itself is in the eyes of the beholder.' Dedicated entirely to Chyaz 'cause I messed up on her link-thingy. And to tthat guy from the place with the thing, can't forget him...

Black Dreams, part one: Past Maiden

Lynnessa Dick

Y'ala is an Elven maiden who has been trapped by the dark Destroyer and is waiting...just read it. All characters, creatures, and world are my own. 'Qua'es nolembro avi' in and of itself means nothing, but in the story it is a swear.

Artist (Part One)

Kiota Bandal

Fantasy - a mute shepardess' painting show - or, possibly, shape - the future. A group of mages captures her and forces her to draw the future according to what they want to to be like. Don't ask me where I got it from, I don't know... drawing, I guess. Please comment.... please... even a short little comment will do... -Update- Part Two is up! Or will be as soon as elfwood accepts it...

Another Fairy-Tale part 1 - Dark Alley

Helfried Haider

This is the first part of an ongoing series, written for Elfwood. Hope you enjoy it!

Another Fairy-Tale part 3, The Joy of bubbles

Helfried Haider

Finally we get to meet the star.

Winged Girl

Jirah Reckinger

Yeah, it might remind you of Maximum Ride, but it's truly all from my imagination! I always have loved people that are part animal or whatever, and this is where my story went. I entered this into a story contest at my library. I didn't win, but someone I know did (His was really funny!!)

Creature's Hand

Liz Riza

I got the inspiration for this from a piece of art. The title of it is the same as the title of this story and at one point could be found in Loth, but I don't think it's there anymore...

Out of Fire

Noa Shapira

Engraving (apparently made using talons) on the stone wall of a DragonCage in a smugglers' yard. Was found during a police raid. No dragons were found alive.