Daughters of Camelot-Prologue

Ashley Rabon

Merlin and Nimue realize the designs of Mordred and begin searching for the legendary elemental mages of old. Teaching seven maidens the ways of ancient magic is not an easy task. Some know of their power, others are just beginning. The hardest part, however, is not teaching them. Rather, it is telling their fathers that the preservation of the kingdom depends on their daughters: Derwen, headstrong daughter of Lancelot; Ceridwyn, innocent heir of Arthur; Aure, timid child of Gawain; Cordelia, graceful daughter of Agravain; Enya, strong child of Gareth; Betha, gentle daughter of Lamorak; and Arianra,fiesty offspring of Gereint. They are the daughters of Knights. Together, they will protect King Arthur and Camelot. Along the way, they'll learn to trust each other. For if they fail, Camelot will fall.

Gwenievere, Part Two

Chelsea Castonguay

Part Two of Gwenievere's story

MORGANA Chapters 5&6

Sarah Bevon

Still more from this rather lengthy story. My main problem seems to be that I can't kick them back to their own time and be done with it. At this rate, they'll be there until everyone dies (another 20 years) at least. February 8, 2003: Just updated this. It's been a while, I know, but my computer deleted about 10 pages of this story a couple of months ago and I've had no time to redo it. It's slowly coming back together now, though. Appologies to those I've kept waiting.

Poem: Mad Merlin

AC Bamblett

They say that King Arthur's Merlin went mad for a time and disappeared into the hills... This is a medium-length poem inspired by Stephen R. Lawhead's 'Merlin'.


Dani Hall

A curse was laid upon Elaine, dooming her to be aside from the world and never to look down upon it.


Katherine Burt

Danny gets a surprise when he follows a girl from a rennaissance fair...

The Age of Camelot

Kelsey Elles

The story of a girl that gets revenge for her mothers death. It did not go as i had planed but it will work

MORGANA Chapters 3&4

Sarah Bevon

Chapters three and four of 'Morgana'. I'd really like to give it a better name, but I can't think of one. Even just adding something would help, so the title didn't look so much like 'Margret' (other story). It looks like this storie's going to have about 14 chapters, give or take, but it's hard to say. At the time I'm posting this I've got up to chapter 11 and it's not finished yet. But I hope it doesn't run on for more than 20, because then, I think, it would get a bit boring.

MORGANA Chapters 1&2

Sarah Bevon

Kinda inspired by 'Kid in King Arthur's Court' and similar stories. I'm writing it fairly quickly, but it could be a while before I type the rest up.

The Legend of King Arthur part 1

Rebecca Lynn Stacey

Well I'm writing a poem about King Arthur's life in the same style used for 'Lady of Shallot' This is the first part talking about Uther and Igraine (the wife of the Duke of Cornwall) and the 'romance' between the to of them. Its alittle choppy still but this is the first cut. I'll have to go back and rework if after I've left it alone for a bit.

Ode to King Arthur

Kate Inquisition

This isn’t anything much, an ode to King Arthur done in English class. (12-18-02) I must give much of the credit to Ashley Burdo and her tri-forces for the first paragraph, I did the rest alone. It’s not poetic or anything, but I found it inspiring nonetheless. It’s pretty standard, yet I used a lot of Stephen R. Lawhead’s terminology.


Kate Inquisition

This arthurian poem is from the point of view of Excalibur, in a tone I don't think Arthurian writters have yet explored. It's mood is depressing, it is Excalibur recalling all the death, grief and sadness caused by it's own life. Excalibur pleads with Merlin to bring him home (back to the lake/mere). Excalibur tells Morgana that it's own blade of life is imminent death, and that death is the only answer. (5-13-03)

The Ballad of Sir Loin

Claire Robertson

Sir Loin. Funny play-on-words. Laugh with me!

The Lady of Shalott (Poem)

Janelle Highland

It's my version of a poem/legend. The legend takes place in the whole Lancelot/King Arthur time thing. See... The lady of Shalott had a curse.. she couldnt look out the window... she saw Lancelot through her mirror though, and forgot. The mirror cracked, and she went to the river. Painting 'The Lady of Shalott' on the boat, she got inside, and it floated to Camelot, while she sang her last song, causing her blood to freeze. The actual words that Lancelot says (so says the poem) is 'This lady is fair in face, God give her grace, the Lady of Shalott' or something very simular..

Halls of Avalon

Angela Apilado

A short poem that I wrote a couple of years ago.

Escape from Reality

Danaye Weber

A young girl from Camelot is transported into present time...


Rachel Kohler

A long-slumbering power awakens, and with it, an ancient love.


Daniel Hensey

This was a story done in collaboration with one of my friends, Kristian the Luminescent, and he has given full, written permission to post this story.

Daughters of Camelot- Chapter the First

Ashley Rabon

As Merlin tries to understand Modred's plans, the king calls a meeting of the table. The knights bring their families to Camelot for Christmastide as their daughters move closer to their destiny and begin to discover things not even they had knowledge of.

A Winter Night in Camelot

Paulien van der Krift

This is a story of Camelot. The thing you are about to read of is not an eclips (or whatever), just something else. Behold the power of legendary heroes and friends who are not what they seem!