You Can't Fly (Formerly Known as Kristen) part 10

Samantha Fortier

 The mystery girl just got more mysterious and we there are some new developments when it comes to Alex and his friends....


Pamela Lehmann

People can see the Pyllare, the power within every plant, animal, and person. People can see the Pyllare even with their eyes closed, so few ever open their eyes. But Nevin Sylesta is different. He does not contain the Pyllare. He can not see the Pyllare. And then he meets one like himself. (Another quote story! The quote was 'Let's commit suicide together.' The quote was given to me by my sister. I don't think this quote was ever in a story.)

Untitled - Part I

Gioanna Rheumer

Uh. There's some swearing, but it's asterisked, like this: C***

You Can't Fly (Also Known as Kristen) Part 11

Samantha Fortier

 The plot is thickening once more! For some of you, you'll recognize this scene in an older version of the story. It seemed to fit better here and made a lot more sense to me at least. I think that we are starting to near the end of the beginning, but not quite there completely yet. Let me know what you think :)

You Can't Fly (also known as Kristen) part 09

Samantha Fortier

 This part follows straight after part 8. There is something going on, but Amolas can't quite figure it out and this mysterious girl remains just that, mysterious. 

You Can't Fly (also known as Kristen) part 04

Samantha Fortier

 Finally! For all those who have patiently waited, here it is, the fourth part of the revised Kristen/You Can't Fly. Some of you may guess who will be at the  door when Gwen opens it, for others it will be a surprise. But I figure that there is more of a set up for this scene than there was in the original version of the story. Certain  occurances will make a lot more sense. So, I hope you enjoy, it took me forever to come up with a scene that I liked. 

You Can't Fly (also known as Kristen) part 05

Samantha Fortier

Fifth installment of my new version of Kristen. This is a rewriting of the hospitial scene. I think it makes more sense now then it did originally. I hope you guys enjoy:D

PlanetSide (Grasslands) 1

Becky Allen

Part of the PlanetSide project Click the link to read the intro; it'll give you more of an idea of what the story's really about.

Outside Chapter 1

K. Moore

a young adult named Rik and a girl android named Fiesha get introduced in this chapter

CCAS: Chapter 5

Autumn Rose

Finally (Part 03)

Samantha Fortier

 This is the final installment in this little short story. It is a side story to the You Can't Fly story. I am considering incorporating it into the other story at some point, but it reveals some important details and I am sure some who have read much of my writings will make some connections *wink* *wink* When I first began writing You Can't Fly, the only connection I thought of was the name, but then slowly things began to take shape. Enjoy! Let me know what you think :)


Cathin Yang

This is some poem I wrote, why, I can't remember. But the poem is basically a dragon is remembering a battle she fought in that resulted in a major injury.

Trinity Raine

Emma Kathryn

Before I start my space-pirate stories, 'Pyrates,' I thought I'd let you all meet Trinity Raine. She's a bit messed up due to the lovely bio-tech experiments she was subjected too but she's a damn good pirate! Recommended Listening: Missing by Evanescence

CCAS: Chapter 4

Autumn Rose

CCAS: Chapter 8

Autumn Rose

Untitled - Part IV

Gioanna Rheumer

Part 4 of Toryn's story.

CCAS: Chapter 7

Autumn Rose

CCAS: Chapter 6

Autumn Rose

CCAS: Chapter 9

Autumn Rose

Echo chapter 1 part 6

Sam Taylor

Cyrus can't stop thinking about Echo's fate. He wants to go see Forsythia.